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Mystery House

A topic by thatguynm created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 520
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Mystery House is a side-scrolling, point-and-click adventure about moving through hallways, fighting cultists and investigating rooms. It's inspired by things like Snatcher, Flashback, True Detective, and the Winchester Mystery House.

It's still a work-in-progress, and I'm considering adding more rooms to explore and set it up so that the rooms are different with each playthrough. This was made as a mechanical prototype for a game I've been working on. I know is really isn't a recent release, but I just released a new version with some bugfixes and other updates.

I'd love to know what you guys think and any input is appreciated.

"Two detectives chasing one final lead in a string of bizarre murders. The further they follow it, the deeper they fall. Will they see the sun again after spending one night in the MYSTERY HOUSE. Step into the Shoes of a jaded detective trapped inside the lybrithine home of a madman. Explore the house in search of an exit and learn about What happens there."