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What is this program good for?

A topic by jerryemerydelacruz created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 652 Replies: 3
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I purchased the "controller companion" to try to hook-up my Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller to the World of Warships. Is there any concise documentation on how to do this.

Probably you already found out, but you need a wireless adapter, or in other words, Wireless receiver for wireless controllers.

I have the Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless game controller, with the usb receiver. I just can't figure how to map the "a,s,d,w" keyboard keys to the controller.

I don't know about "Controller Companion", but if you want similar functionality in other programs, you could also try FreePIE. Here's a starter script to get you going, in case you use it:

index = 0  # Joystick index
dz = 100  # Deadzone


snes_left = joystick[index].x < -dz
snes_right = joystick[index].x > dz
snes_up = joystick[index].y < -dz
snes_down = joystick[index].y > dz

snes_a = joystick[index].getDown(1)
snes_b = joystick[index].getDown(2)
snes_x = joystick[index].getDown(0)
snes_y = joystick[index].getDown(3)
snes_l = joystick[index].getDown(4)
snes_r = joystick[index].getDown(5)
snes_start = joystick[index].getDown(9)
snes_select = joystick[index].getDown(8)


keyboard.setKey(Key.LeftArrow, snes_left)
keyboard.setKey(Key.RightArrow, snes_right)
keyboard.setKey(Key.UpArrow, snes_up)
keyboard.setKey(Key.DownArrow, snes_down)

keyboard.setKey(Key.X, snes_a)
keyboard.setKey(Key.Z, snes_y)
keyboard.setKey(Key.LeftShift, snes_b)
keyboard.setKey(Key.Escape, snes_select)
keyboard.setKey(Key.Return, snes_start)
First you'd add or change the existing controller bindings to point to your XBOX controller inputs, and then you'd set the keys as you want in the Keyboard Bindings section.

Another option would be XPadder (pretty easy to use, and there's a free version around), or Pinnacle Game Profiler (though that requires that you buy it).