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Ex Umbra

A playable dungeon-generator and map-making game. · By Sharkbomb Studios, Martin Nerurkar

Help the old!

A topic by rhseigler created Sep 12, 2020 Views: 690 Replies: 5
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I have a laser printer so printed out the grey scale cards.  The problem is that I'm over 45 and my eyes are starting to go bad and they are hard for me to read, especially the small text at the bottom.  Could you please make a high contrast black and white version of the cards for us poor old people.  :-)


Ohm. Sure. The idea with the B&W was to make something printer friendly that still reads well and saves on ink. I might have not hit the mark there. Granted it's hard with so many printers performing differently. Can you send me a photo of what they look like printed on your end?


I think if you added lines around the text and artwork that would as enough contrast to make it easy to read without using a lot more ink.

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

I've tried some tweaking to the cards to make them more high-contrast and more printer friendly. How does that look?

You can redownload the ZIP and get the changed cards! Sorry it took this long.



Seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will put these to good use for next week's D&D session.


Happy to hear it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The goal of the B/W cards was to provide a nice printer-friendly alternative but I was distracted by my "MAKE FANCY DESIGN" impulse :D