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D4 Dungeon - An OSR Dungeon Crawl RPG

A topic by Rising Phoenix Games created Sep 10, 2020 Views: 738 Replies: 8
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Suitably retro game bits for our #AGBIC dungeon crawl RPG, D4 Dungeon, below. Art by Jack Badashski of Stinky Goblin.

The game will be free to celebrate the 400th post on our blog!

I love the #AGBIC game jam. I think this is our third year participating. This year I was inspired by a bunch of games, but Not Quite Dead Yet by Joaquin Schwarz suggests some interesting mechanics that I'm keen to tackle.

Good luck everyone!

D4 Dungeon Logo

A logo for the game, with MOAR SKULLS!!!

We're looking for community contributions!

  1. Check out the characters above.
  2. Describe a power for a character.
  3. We'll build mechanics for the power and add them to the list of community contributed powers, along with your name.

Because we'll be publishing this, we reserve the right to reject anything we don't think is appropriate for our audience. Also, by contributing you've got to be okay with us publishing your power and name, without expecting anything in return. That's the fine print. :-D

(5 edits)

Thug: "Rough up" Threaten someone (and maybe deal a small amount of damage) to intimidate them/get information/money.

Witch: "Curse" Roll a dice and note its value. Can subtract this number from the target's roll within the next 24 hours.

Poisoner: "Poison handshake" The poisoner touches someone with a slow-acting poison on their hand. (The Poisoner is immune to their own poison.) Around an hour later the target gets stomach cramps or diarrhoea, maybe takes small amount of damage, etc.

(I'm sorry but I don't know how your game system works, hope these are appropriate.)

Awesome suggestions @Gold_Ninja! We'll add them in!

Thanks! If I come up with something for the Poacher, I'll add it.

Sneak Peek Time!

Here's a sample monster from the dungeon, one of the mini bosses. Champions like the Aethermancer are never encountered alone and make things tough for the Tomb Robbers with their special abilities. Stats are super simple for monsters too, because you'll be encountering masses of them.

Aethermancer from D4 Dungeon

And We're Live!
You can now download and play D4 Dungeon!
We'd love your feedback!
Good luck in the dark depths of the dungeon!

D4 Dungeon is now available on our website store too, where it will remain free forever in celebration of our 400th blog post.