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Great game, very polished. Nice work.

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That was pretty fun. Good work for a weekend.
I think if you resolve the problem of the castle collapsing on its own, you've got a solid little game.
I liked the King Goblin at the end.

This is very good. Thanks.

Nice game.

$447K for retirement, I swore I was out, but I might have come back for just one more job in a few years . . .

This is great! Thanks! I think I got the best ending!

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, the walking down animation is the only one I finished.

I completed it! Nice game!

Thanks! If I come up with something for the Poacher, I'll add it.

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Thug: "Rough up" Threaten someone (and maybe deal a small amount of damage) to intimidate them/get information/money.

Witch: "Curse" Roll a dice and note its value. Can subtract this number from the target's roll within the next 24 hours.

Poisoner: "Poison handshake" The poisoner touches someone with a slow-acting poison on their hand. (The Poisoner is immune to their own poison.) Around an hour later the target gets stomach cramps or diarrhoea, maybe takes small amount of damage, etc.

(I'm sorry but I don't know how your game system works, hope these are appropriate.)

This was my second choice. Glad to see someone is doing it though! Good luck.

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You're welcome!
(Please note, I made a small change. 不況 is economic depression/recession, not mental. Sorry about that.)

You're welcome. The description likens a bunch of robot things (oil, lubricant) to the human body, blood, etc., so I'm not surprised that machine translation had trouble with it.

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shun9624 | 保育士(福祉施設職員) Childcare worker (welfare institute employee)
(This looks like their Twitter:

Economic depression, online and offline harassment, workplace harassment, and a pandemic! Blast it all away! Make everything fun and everyone happy! Toreko-chan, Comi-Po's JS character, is going to kick up a hurricane of love and delight! A floating, omnidirectional jump-action shooting game! Be warned: This Is Fun!

(Toreko-chan seems to be a character of the software Comi-po (comic pose)

Hope this helps with inspiration!

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yamamu | ゲームアーテイスト (Game artist)
Steel (metal) blood courses through your veins... Hunt down your former friends to make a buck just to survive. You forgot your name (code) but you remember the taste of victory (oil). Signs of death echo across the dusty, lifeless red earth!! It's lubricant (blood) for coolant (blood) as this 32 player battle erupts! MARS COWBOY!!!!!

Hope this gives you some good ideas!

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Hi Melkan22,

This is 焼肉食べ放題 All you can eat grilled meat (Yaki niku tabehoudai)

I'll see if I can track down the description...
ババカオリ / グラフィックデザイナー Babakaori / Graphic Designer (no active Twitter account that I can find)

肉を食べて食べて食べまくれ!ステージをクリアするたびに、メニューもグレードアップ。高級焼き肉や珍しいお肉が食べられるぞ。ボーナスステージでは焼き肉フレンドによる焼き肉カルトクイズに挑戦! ゲームをすべてクリアすれば焼き肉チェーン「牛くん」全店舗で使える800円割引クーポンが配布されます。※2000円以上で有効
Eat meat, scoff meat, shovel it in! The menu expands with every stage you clear. You can eat super-premium and rare cuts of grilled meat. In the bonus stage, challenge your grilled meat buddies to a hard-core grilled meat quiz! Clear the whole game to get an 800 yen coupon for use at any Gyu-kun — the popular grilled meat chain restaurant! (Note: only valid on orders of 2000 yen or more.)

Gyu-kun is something like Cow Jr or Beef Jr, and is probably a pun on Gyu-kaku, a popular chain of grilled meat restaurants here in Japan. (It could also be read as Ushi-kun.)

Hope this gives you some inspiration and doesn't just leave you hungry!


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You're welcome. <3


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Hi Lloyd,

First one is きのこチョーダイ Give me Mushrooms
Second one is 椎茸バンク (MUSHBANK) Shiitake Bank

I'll see if I can track down the descriptons...

Give me Mushrooms

黒田潔 / イラストレーター Kuroda Kiyoshi / Illustrator
(I think this is their Twitter but their entry is from 2005 so they might not remember or care about it)

I'm hungry so I want to eat some mushrooms. However there are bad and good mushrooms. If you eat a bad mushroom your stamina will reduce. If you eat a good mushroom your stamina is restored. If the fungus gets stuck to you, you might get transformed into a mushroom. This is a game where you must overcome such dangers and skilfully fill your stomach. The story is just about eating mushrooms, so it's very simple.


Dufond Adrien / Flash
This is their Twitter (But again their entry is from 2007...)

Since 2004, give the possibility to anyone of created his personal mushroom with his special power in order to be shared on the MushBank. This cartrigue content all the MushBank security process*
(Description was already in English)

Hope this fills you with inspiration for fungal fun times.



I'm a professional Japanese/English translator. I will translate any title and description into English, if you want. I know you don't have to stick to the description and are free to make whatever you want, but I thought some of you might be interested.

Post a link to the cart and I'll reply with a quick translation that's (probably) better than Google.

Really enjoyed this. Thanks.

Very good!

Fun game!