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A topic by Ghost In The Toast created Sep 11, 2020 Views: 91 Replies: 1
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Hey all. Most generally I participate in the Ludum Dare however I really liked the idea of creating a game based off of box art/cart art, so I thought I'd participate in this one. As I work on this entry I'll post my updates here.

 So without any further ado I choose Tatras 2 as my cart. I'll post screenshots and code as I go.  

For this game, I'll be using Game Maker Studio 2.3, Pyxel Edit and Aseprite, probably some sort of music program, and uh, defiantly some kind of sound generator. Yep. 

Cool. Thanks for reading this. Keep in touch will ya? 

This was my second choice. Glad to see someone is doing it though! Good luck.