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Blog Post: I very forcefully reverse-engineer pseudo-3D racing using math

A topic by plorry created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 1,806 Replies: 2
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A blog post I wrote earlier this year, documenting how, as a non-math expert, I worked through making a pseudo-3D racing engine from scratch in javascript. Lemme know if anyone finds it interesting / useful, and I'll write up part 2, on implementing turns, hills, scaling road objects, and road texture.

I used the engine for a jam game, right here!


Looks good. I was about to say that I'd like moving pictures, before I realized there was a demo.

Regarding the author's note: It's basically correct for the relevant distances, and as good as it gets without breaking out trigonometry.


Ah, cool. I had a little go at a pseudo 3D game for my first attempt at game-making. It ended up being a little too ambitious for me, so I have since abandoned it, but I hope I'll make another attempt when I'm a bit more experienced.

I came unstuck when it came to making roads split.... I kind of managed to do it, but it was pretty buggy lol. So if you want to extend your tutorial that's something that I'd like to see :).

I used these as my main starting points, not sure if you've seen them before: