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TEMPLE GROOVE Available on itch!

A topic by Weekend Warriors created Jun 21, 2017 Views: 285 Replies: 1
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Our first release!


This is a small game where you navigate the laser (and your only vision) in the pit dark dungeon maze, going forward by mirror reflections. The objective is to find the " groovy treasure" and survive in the darkness.

The dungeon is littered with little dark creatures which like to groove a lot, so the temple is called "The Temple of Groove" and the final treasure is rather a little unusual ;)

The game also features an original soundtrack created by our talented musician, so keep your ears open!


Our team have developed this little project during the hackathon in the time of the weekend. So it is more or less a prototype and your thoughts and remarks in the game's comments section are more than welcome. We may develop it further depending on the public outcome.

Play, share and enjoy! :)

Weekend Warriors team

When laser hits the mirror it moves forward to the before unreachable areas.

Thanks for sharing, the art style is cool.