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[Game Assets] Arcade style 2D Maze-based

A topic by created Jun 19, 2017 Views: 472
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Howdy Gamedev community at 

Ive been having a ton of fun making some 3D game assets, and as of most recently decided on releasing a free 2D asset pack that can be used for an arcade style 2d maze game.  The assets were initially made in 3D and rendered as 2d sprites. The pack contains a hero, enemies, props, collectibles, and BG layer art. The characters are rendered in 4 directions. If you do land up needing more, shoot me a message and I shall update this pack with some new renders 



  • Hero - Idle Animation  in 4 directions (facing North (N), South (S), East (E) West) 
  • Hero - Walk Animation  in 4 directions  (NSEW) 
  • Hero - Hurt  in 4 directions  (NSEW) 
  • Hero - Win / Victory Animation
  • Hero - Death - tombstone animation

There are two enemies with two different types of walk cycles 

  • Enemy 01 - Walk Animation in 4 directions (NSEW)
  • Enemy 02 - Walk Animation in 4 directions (NSEW) 


  • Orange Gem - Idle Animation
  • Blue Diamond - Idle Animation 


  • Exploding Barrel

Background Layer 

  • Background tile
  • Background wall
  • Background destructive wall
  • Stairs to exit the level 
Thanks for reading