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CRAB-T Now Released!

A topic by rieou created Jun 18, 2017 Views: 66
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   This game started off as a joke, but now it is something that I feel deserves a little more work on my part to make it something. This the first game that I have every put true effort into and I hope that you can just check it out and give me feedback so that the game can be better! I plan to release biweekly builds(after I learned how butler works of course) and I plan to release progress/idea blogs to truly keep communication with the games supporters. I will admit the game has nothing in it at the moment, but there is a reason for this, I want to make a game built off of the feedback that I get. This will be a learning experience for me and I hope you decide to help me make it something you would play.

    The gameplay concept is very simple, it was based off of Unity's roll-a-ball tutorial(the full name of the game is "Competitive roll-a-ball tutorial") where you simply just pick up points to win. Well in CRAB-T you can not directly damage you opponent you must pick up power ups to affect you opponent in any meaning full way. The game was built off of a 2 player party design, where on player uses the controller(at least one controller is required) and the other uses keyboard or controller. 

    If you want to get in contact with my you may choose any option you like weather by Twitter, email, comments, YouTube. I will take most of it and hopefully I will get to you as soon as possible!