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[PAID] Seeking Pixel Artist for Witchy Farming Sim

A topic by MillenniumForest created Aug 31, 2020 Views: 336 Replies: 5
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Howdy Folks! Name’s Kry, and I’m a long-time fan of farming simulators and everything witchy. Combining these two premises and you have an idea for one of the first “Real” projects I’ve made: Millennium Forest!

I’m working with a fantastically skilled Pixel Artist, and another equally talented sound designer. Why am I making this post then? Well, I think it would be for the best to add another artist to the team to help take the load off.


Millennium Forest is a fantasy farming RPG set in the small village of [Name]. You have just come of age, and with that you are to take over the family business. Cultivating and sowing crops, making and creating potions, and casting rituals, living in the Millennium Forest is every young Witches dream.


At the moment, we’re focusing on getting a demo done that showcases all of the core mechanics (potion-making, farming, etc.) This will only have two rooms, one being the farm and the other being the interior of the farm house. One NPC will be interactable, and you can have one familiar. This is just to show what exactly will be in the full game.

Long-Term we have 20 Base-Game Locations, and we can add more once we get a better feel for the mechanics. Nine Romanceable NPC’s, and over 20 townies with custom events and plots.


Tilesets are roughly 16 x 16, with Human Sprites being 16 x 24. The Game has a pastel color scheme, though the exact one is TBD by our head artist. As mentioned above, this is pixel art!


I’ve got a decent budget for this project, though we’re still an indie team with little income aside from side-gigs. I’m down for rev-share, but I prefer to compensate for any art done. DM me your rates and we can go from there!

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I do some pixel stuff.  I leave some examples below, But i have more if needed. 



The name's Aidan, and this project seems like the type of thing that I'd be interested in. I have, like, two (ish) examples of my pixel work on my dashboard, so I'll showcase a few here.

Let's start off with some characters:

A running animation test and a Robot Cowboy I made to flex my character designing skills.

An idle animation of one of my favorite streamers.

Backgrounds have always been somewhat of a weak spot, although I've been making an effort to improve lately:

I've been working in Aseprite for about three years now, although I do tend to pick things up quickly, It's still been a learning curve to get the most out of the program. I really do hope you can come back to me on this, and I'd be happy to provide more examples if needed.

Thanks for the opportunity! - uncookedtoast


Hey! I've recently been branching more into pixel art, as I'd like to make my own RPG games soon too! This project is interesting and I'd love to contribute if the pay is decent! Below are some examples of pixel art of mine. I've never worked on a 16 x 16 scale, but I'm definitely willing to attempt and learn! Thank you for the opportunity regardless!

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Hi hi! I'm a pixel artist who loves farming games! I'm love working with pastels and animations.

You can view my art here 

Also some side project examples:


This looks like a cool project,  I'll drop some of my stuff below.

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