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I will say that his friend in the picture frame is just a character that belongs to a friend of mine. And we like to draw them together a lot because we're friends! XD So I wouldn't think too deep into it, it's just a friend thing :) Thank you so much though for playing the game, I'm happy you enjoyed it!! <3

Oh goodness I nearly forgot to leave a comment on this! And it would be such a shame if I didn't, because this game is an absolute joy!!

First i simply MUST compliment the art. Mime's art is simply breath-taking, and there is never a piece that feels lazy or cheaped out on or void of effort. Even in parts where mime could reuse assets, they still go the extra length to create all new ones and that effort does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. it is not necessary and they shouldn't feel ashamed to reuse assets or anything like that! But all their work and love into even the smallest of art pieces is so noticeable and a delight to see each time.

The story is short and simple, but very effective. Oftentimes in games with multiple endings, there's plenty of endings that feel incomplete or like filler. but in this game all the endings feel appropriate! They don't drag on too long or too short for what they are, and they match the experience of the game well. I never felt like I was left blindsided by an ending but a few of them do come by pleasant surprise! 

Even though we aren't given much time to know the characters, you feel like you can paint such a clear picture of them just in the short time we know them from the game! They're each so distinct and recognizable in their mannerisms, style, and attitudes. That kind of variation is so appreciated and nicely done! 

Despite being a game on the "shorter" side there is so much depth to it and it really shows! The player feels so determined to seek out the truth behind it all. And learning that truth becomes incredibly satisfying! Even as the dreadful events unfold it draws you in itching to see even more of the story unwrap, even when you know what's in store. Knowing where a story might go and still be satisfied with it is a hard but great feat to pull off in a game!

And just in general, the game feels so cozy and Halloween-y, that simply existing in the space of the game you're sure to have a wonderful time with how dazzlingly stylized it is. It's like cutting off a piece of Halloween and putting it into a lovely and artistic game adventure! 

I definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves Halloween, games with dark secrets, and beautiful beautiful artwork! 


Bonus note: i love the clown :o)

This is so kind of you, thank you so much!! <3 Comments like these really mean a lot to me, more than words can say! :')
I'm actually working on a game right now (Blackout Hospital) that features him as a main character, so his story is definitely continuing! I post about it a bit on my twitter(arcadekitt3n) and instagram(arcadekitten) if you want to follow along on its progress!

Vasilis is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.

Thank you Eskija! It's always a joy to hear from you and your opinions on my games! ♡ (Spoilers below, of course!)

I know that not everyone is satisfied with the ending, which like, bummer! But it was always planned to be this way from the very beginning, and I wouldn't change it just because it's not what people were hoping to see.

I guess I'm pretty surprised by people's attitudes towards the ending. I was pretty satisfied with it (it's why I wrote it after all LOL), but even if I did go with the alternative, I don't really think that would be satisfying either. Even if the protagonist did succeed in their plan, well, where would we go from there? What happens next? Just the knowledge that they're going to do it again? I wouldn't be happy with an ending like that, and hence why I didn't write it. I think "bad" endings can be perfectly satisfying, but an ending like that wouldn't satisfy me at all. 

It sucks that many people don't seem all that satisfied with it, but in the end I'm proud of the ending I wrote and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Thank you so much for all your kind words, though! I was always double-guessing myself with the writing in this game, wondering if it was too rushed or sloppy or whatever else, so to hear you enjoy it so much means so much to me!

It really means a lot to me to see how much the game has compelled you, to see how you had to get out of your chair to wanting to revisit Ren'Py...the game is hardly different from a standared Ren'Py game in my eyes but to hear you see it as so much more means so much to me!

Thank you so much for all your support this....gosh, over a year its been! I can't wait to have more stuff to share with you soon!! ♡

Rune is 100% his name! I'm happy you enjoy the game! <3

If you want to do that, you have to delete your persistent data. You can find info about how to do that by reading through this forum here!:

I am so glad you are!! <3

This is so kind of you and means so much to me, thank you so very much!! <3

Characters in this game are going to reappear as major characters in other projects, but no direct sequel is planned for this game. Thank you!! <3

If you re-download the game and overwrite your old folder with the new one, the new chapters should be added with all your save data remaining the same!

The game cannot update automatically because is a file-sharing website. It is not an application like Steam that keeps track of your Steam library for you. You need to update the files manually. When you re-download a game that has updated, you need to take the new file, bring it into the folder where the old file is stored, and replace it. Extraction may be necessary with .zip files. Hope you can get everything working!

I just finished the prologue for myself, and WOW, that was amazing!♡

First of all, I want to compliment the art. It is absolutely gorgeous! The colors compliment the moods of the scenes well, and the crosshatched shading sprinkled across the game is such a wonderful touch. The game makes great use of desaturated and very saturated colors to create an amazing feel! The overall aesthetic of the game is just very pleasing to look at it and it makes for a game you can't wait to see more from!

The characters and lore are wonderfully quirky and different so far. "???" is much different from many protagonists I've seen and I like that about them! You get the sense that they're often very clumsy to their own endangerment, and they have a sense of loneliness to them even though they know "Other ???" (who I assume must be Ube!). I also love how "???" and "Other ???" interact. Their interactions are genuinely sweet and you can start to paint a picture of their relationship just from the little bit of them we've seen already, even if lots of their situation is shadowed in mystery to the player right now.

For lack of a better term I'm really interested in the "clown lore" of this world. Clowns seem to have their own classes in society, ways they are viewed upon by their fellow clowns. Clowns that carry prejudice on their backs and clowns that are associated with generosity or violence. It's interesting and the game leaves you yearning to learn more!


The sound in this game is just very beautifully done. It is all done purposely and adds such a strong flavor to the game. The stings during something bad and the light melodies when something good happens. The little flashes of color on screen and those sound cues add so much to the emotions and feelings of the scene they are used in. There's a difference between when sound is used for the sake of sound and when the sound is used to add an extra layer of polish to the overall experience of the game. I am just so in love with how the sound was used here, it was all so purposeful and paid off so well!

For a prologue, it has so many different options and content within it! I've only played it once so far but I'm looking forward to going back in to see what results different answer choices will lend me! 

All in all this is just a very enjoyable experience and I'm so happy I was able to play! You can really tell the dev has put their heart into this project and those always make the best games in my eyes! I can't wait to see more!♡

Yeah it sucks, but no matter how many times people misgender them it won't make Embry any less nonbinary ♡

There are planned to be 2 more character chapters, and then the dance chapters will be underway! 

That sounds lovely! Where can I contact you?

Vasilis is actually agender and asexual, not aromantic! Sorry for any confusion <3

Really strange! It's the first I heard of this problem. Does it work after having booted up your computer again?

This game was positively wonderful! Short and sweet and yet so positively captivating! The amount of gorgeous art took my breath away! Every new corner you turn there's something so beautiful to see! It's like walking through an art gallery in the best possible way! The mood and atmosphere are PERFECT for the short story it wants to tell! Not every story needs to be about some grand adventure, sometimes a short story about going to pick up groceries feels just as rewarding to play through, and I certainly felt it playing through this! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely piece of art, I'm sure these last 10 minutes I spent playing it will be the only thing I think about for the next week! 

Thank you!! I don't have any official discord servers at the moment, but I do believe that some exist that you might find if you go looking! <3

Thank you so much!! <3 I go by she/her :-) Thank you for asking!

Thank you so much! 
And that'd be awesome! Do you have an email or twitter I can contact you by?

Try !

Hello! I would love that. Do you have a twitter or email I can contact you by?

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Sure! Do you have an email or twitter I can contact you through?

Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start with this comment! It means so much to me.  Receiving comments like this makes all the hard work and effort I put into Cemetery Mary feel worth it.  I can't thank you enough!! This is surely going to be one of those comments I keep coming back to whenever I feel stuck or unmotivated.

I hope you'll be pleased to know that Cemetery Mary will be getting an update soon! I plan to release it to Steam soon, so I figured it would be good to update it accordingly. Nothing about the story or writing will change, but there is going to be some new pieces of art in places that were previously black screens, and characters will have blips when talking now!(Comes with a volume slider). I'm hoping to have it out sometime by the end of December, I'm thinking around Christmas time give or take a few days?  So I hope you'll stick around and enjoy that, too!<3

Thank you so much again for the lovely comment. This really means the world to me and I can't thank you enough!

Cemetery Mary was my first game! <3 Order doesn't matter for most of them, but the order I made them in was:

Cemetery Mary

Tricks N Treats

Holiday Shopping

It's Not Me, It's My Basement

Here For Sweethearts(Continuously updating)


Sure thing! Do you have a twitter or email I can contact you through?

I believe it was "Sad Heaven Piano #3" by PSOVOD on Freesound. Even though the work is listed under an Attribution License, it seems that every time it's used in someone's recordings it comes up with a copyright notice. It's just easier to remove it, but it's a shame as it was such a pretty song! 

It's always so delightful (no pun intended!) to read the thoughts you leave on my games, I look forward to it now! Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! <3

I'm so glad you like it!! <3 There's good end guides in the devlogs if you ever get stuck, too! :')

AAH!! THIS COMMENT IS SO HIGH ENERGY IT MAKES ME SO EXCITED AND HAPPY!! I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU!! I'm overjoyed that you loved the game so much it drove you to the point of caps lock!! This game means a lot to me so I'm so happy to hear it mean a lot to you! :'D Thank you so much for this comment, I'll treasure it! <3

Thank you so much!! This comment is so sweet <3 You're absolutely more than welcome to make a discord for it, I'm very flattered that you want to! :'D Thank you so much again!!

I'll upload a guide for the good/true end soon! <3

Don't worry I promise froggy-friend will return <3

Haha, yes! I had named Ovidius after Ovid, though it's been so long that I had him I can't remember the reason why...Perhaps my memory will jog again in time. :-)

Thank you so much for playing!! I remember thinking up the idea very spontaneously and wanting to do it, even if I knew it probably wouldn't have many players--I felt it would be a nice treat to those who wanted to see some of the characters again! So I'm always glad to see people enjoy it, thank you so much! <3

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Oh my goodness, this comment means the absolute world to me! I had to like, take a step back from my computer after reading it--I felt so flattered! Thank you so very much for playing and enjoying the game. Your thoughts mean so much to me and they made me so happy to read through. 

I don't know what else to say, but I know this is definitely one of those comments I'm going to come back to read if I'm ever feeling discouraged or glum. Thank you so much again for your support, for playing and sharing your thoughts with me! It means so much more to me then you could ever know <3

EDIT: OH! Yes!! Twyla is an owl, hehe! Very perceptive! <3 And I'm glad the true ending made you feel that way! It was what I was intending--something that feels shocking but when you think back on it, starts to make a little more sense. I can't wait to explore some of the unanswered questions through future projects of mine and I hope you'll be there for the ride! Thank you so much again! <3

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! :'D Comments like this mean the absolute world to me, I'm so glad to see you're enjoying it! (I've also got walkthroughs in the dev logs if you ever need them ;)  ) Thank YOU so much for playing!! It's like a hug to my heart! <3

Yes, I am making a game with some of the characters! I like to describe the two games as being "separate but connected", if that suffices for an answer. :') Not necessarily a sequel but definitely connected! 

I also do not have a Discord server as I wouldn't want to be responsible for handling/moderating it. However, I'm fine if others want to make Discords to discuss my games or anything like that!

Thank you so much for this comment, I'll be thinking of it all day! I hope I can continue making games that you'll enjoy, thank you so much! <3

Thank you so much! :D

Cemetery Mary's music and sounds are all free-to-use assets that come from various places around the web and are credited after the true ending! So unfortunately, there is no "soundtrack" to find. Apologies!