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The malpractice that occurs is not mental-health based. Malpractice is only mentioned, and acts of malpractice are not shown on screen.

Please do not support websites that stole my game. Arcadespot does not have permission to upload my game to their site.

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1. No, they are not dating--they are only friends.
2. I don't think Vasilis's assigned gender at birth should be important. While I understand some people are just curious or are looking to find characters they relate to when it comes to one's gender experience, I prefer not to make a big show of what they were "born as" because it is often used as an excuse to misgender the character. Vasilis doesn't have a gender and only goes by they/them pronouns, thank you for understanding!

I actually made a guide how on my tumblr!! :D (though I think it's a bit sloppily put together!)

It's simple once you get the hang of it, I just figured that using RPGMaker's commands it shouldn't have been too hard to use images as tools for dress-up! ♡

Mary and Reginald return as central characters in Blackout Hospital! This bigger story of everything is still on-going so not everything is answered in that game, but are more hints and lore developments to help paint the bigger picture of things to come. Thank you both so much for playing! ♡

Thank you so much!! ♡ While I don't think I'd update this game with proper voice acting, another game of mine (Blackout Hospital) shares some important characters to this game and that game has blips of voice acting here and there which really helped uplift the experience, I think! Excited for you to (potentially) play it, thank you again for your kind words! 

This is why the game is not split up into "bad end" and "good end"! They are precisely labeled "Wrong End" and "True End" for this reason. Good and bad is subjective (at least in this case). Here, there is just the way things are meant to go and the way they aren't. Thank you for playing and your kind words! <3

Okay! Are you going to pay for my coding classes? And financially support me through the time it takes to learn code?

I work in the engines I enjoy using. No one is forcing you to play RPGMaker games if you don't like RPGMaker games. Thank you for understanding.


I'm so happy to see you enjoyed it, thank you so much!! It means the world to me ♡♡♡

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Enemies respawn when you leave a map and then come back. However, you might have an easier time if you buy gear/weapon upgrades from the shop. They can be found in the shop menu if you scroll down from the healing items! (Please remember: You must equip weapons/gear after buying them)

I mean......if you do finish it you might be pleased by the results haha?

Happy that you are excited!! Please remember that Embry goes by they/them pronouns, though! <3

Awesome, thank you so much!

Hi everyone! I looked around a bit but I haven't been able to find a clear answer, so I thought I'd ask here. 

Let's say I want to host my own game jam, and I also want to make my own game to submit to it! Is this allowed? Am I allowed to make a game for my own jam?

More importantly, is it possible? Does being a host physically prevent you from being able to submit a game into the jam?

(Extra info: The jam wouldn't be ranked/have any prizes to win. It'd all just be about following a theme for fun.)

Please let me know, thanks in advanced!

That means so much to hear, thank you so much <3

I refuse to make any official discord servers, but there are various fanmade discord servers centered around all my games. I don't touch any of them though so I can't vouch for the communities there.

It might just be incapable of running on your Mac, then. :( Mac computers don't often agree with RPGMaker games

This game is actually a part of a bigger story I am telling across a few games, hence why there's so much mystery involved! I am happy to hear you still enjoyed the game though. Thank you for playing!

There's cookies in the display case too !

This is so sweet, thank you so much ♡

Just the one! (Thank you for playing!)

There's a walkthrough in the devlogs if you need help!

The only time Embry's gender is even mentioned is in the description of the game, not the game itself. It might not be important to you, but it is important to other people. If you find it an unnecessary detail then that just means it's not one put there for you, and that's okay. It's still one that's allowed to exist. 

1. No it isn't

2. I made both games? 

If you use the lollipop during your fight it can help heal you! Also keep an eye on your "ENERGY", if you have enough, you can double-attack!!

You could try battling some enemies on the second floor to make your level higher!!

There's more than 10 treats to get--you'll know when you got them all!

Click the button to download the game, and then select the file labeled "Italian" to download

I would check the walk through in the devlogs!

Still in development. I'll change that now

If all available days are showing (up to Day 5 Part 2), then all i can offer is redownloading again! (perhaps overwriting the file in the process). Otherwise, you might have to wait until the next chapter update since it is production. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I deleted my own persistent data and replayed the game again, and everything is working as intended.

All I can say is to try re-downloading the file again, but I'm unsure of the problem you're having and am not sure how I'll be able to help.

Reginald has a voice actor in my other game Blackout Hospital if you'd like to hear him speak !!

What file is missing? Have you tried redownloading? 

Thank you, I'm so happy you liked it!! 🥺💖

I just updated the game with a potential fix. Please redownload, play through Day 4 again, and then try accessing Day 5!

You're probably underleveled! Try leveling up on the second floor and then return to the boss

Did you redownload the file?

Day 4 isn't out yet. This game releases in chapters.