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6.543.499.712: belonging.

A topic by Le Slo created Jun 16, 2017 Views: 82
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Here is the result of me first jam alone. It's a 5-10 minutes game where you have to figure out what to do. Mingle, adapt, blend and find out who are you.

I only had another jam with some friends it was Ludum Dare 38 ( link here: where the idea of the game was good and the overall was nice, but there where some major errors in design (we weren't encouraging to play with the idea we were introducing at first place). I worked only as a programmer for this jam.

A month later I find out about the slam jam (link here: and I decided to go alone. It's a lot harder to finish a good game by yourself in three days. I'm not the best painter in history, I know almost nothing about sound effects but I think I sorted that out with some good music and geometric design. I'm really happy with this piece, I believe it delivers the idea I was wanting to show and that's why I decided to post it here.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy.