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Tough Islands

Tough Islands is a game about surviving on an island · By FelixGameDev

Suggestions/ideas Sticky

A topic by FelixGameDev created Jun 15, 2017 Views: 396 Replies: 6
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If you have any great ideas please post them here and I'll have a look.

Try not to post duplicate ideas, up vote other similar ideas instead so that I can find the most popular ideas.

Thank you.

hostile animals and walls and stuff so theres a point in making a big base


Thanks for your idea and sorry for the late response. I must have missed your post. I like your idea, and I've thought about it myself too. I can't promise anything, but I might implement it in the future.

Maybe some enemies that spawn in night and some armor and more weapons


Thank you for your suggestion. I like the idea, and will be taking it into consideration. :)

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Hi, I  really like your game.  Here's some suggestions:

- to cut or mine, either click once to automate it, or hold down LMB continually to make him work
- in game help menu

thanks for the great game


Hi and thank you for your feedback.

I'm not working on the game anymore, for the time being, but I appreciate your kind words and your feedback.