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Pipe Push Paradise

A difficult puzzle game about plumbing. · By Corey Martin

Unable to launch on Mac

A topic by Kavusto created Aug 26, 2020 Views: 435 Replies: 5
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Does anyone know if Pipe Push is 64 bit? I'm unable to launch it on Catalina 


It's a universal build with 64-bit support, but I haven't tested it on Catalina. I'll look into it and follow up.


Have you tried launching it via the itch app?

I'm running Catalina and can't open the game either.


Sorry to hear! I'll take a look soon and update this thread. 

Thanks, actually I was able to get it working by doing these 2 things:

1. Used 'xattr' to clear the 'quarantine' attribute on the package (this is a common fix for 3rd party software with modern macos).

2.  Looked inside the package and used 'chmod' to change the 'pipepushparadise' file to be  executable.