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No-jump, extension-only gameplay in MISSTRETCH, available now for free.

A topic by nezonaru created Aug 24, 2020 Views: 130
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MISSTRETCH available here (free)

Try to conquer the Video Tower as you self-expand and reduce through an array of fun and challenging levels.  

You cannot jump, however you can use various deadly obstacles present in the tower to your advantage. Suddenly a bullet you would usually just want to avoid becomes essential to your progression. If something wants to kill you, you may just need it. Upon hit, your extended body will retract to your head, allowing you to suddenly change elevation (or ummm, I guess jump). However if you get hit in your head, then, erm, *stage resets*.

I'm sure a few gifs will be more effective at showing you the rules than my words ever will:

Try to get to the end - ending cutscene is a real treat. I promise! And wow, the game even records your time upon completion. 

Now real talk. I have seen The Analytics. They are not looking bright. The game is Free with Pay What You Want, but the truth is, at this point, if you play MISSTRETCH, it will be me who is indebted to you. Oh well! At least I had fun making it!

Wait, one more thing. You can dance too!

In any case, thank you for your time.

nezonaru (me :) )

Edit: Added browser support! I wish I had done that sooner - did not realise how important this is. Oh well! Now you can stretch your limits in your browser, or even on your phone (though the touchscreen buttons make much more difficult than it should be, consider using a controller)!

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