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Ace Racing Turbo by AH Game

A topic by ah game created Jun 13, 2017 Views: 164 Replies: 1
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Hello there,

We are small indie developer coming from console PC games background from Germany, We are happy to announce that our new racing game Ace Racing Turbo is available on multiplateform.

It is a 3d racing game with high quality visuals, you race against 10 other opponants on some crazy tracks to reach top 3, we ve made this game with an arcade style in mind,  collision with other cars are frequent and sensation of speed is prodominant, we create this game for the midcore player that it is challenging enough for them to play. the PC version is still under developement and we are looking forward you guys feedback.

download our early access here

you can find a trailer video here


AH Team


Thanks for sharing. I recommend taking some time to customize your project page. Make sure to add images and consider changing the default layout.