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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

v.10 Feedback

A topic by Phenoca created Jun 13, 2017 Views: 1,188 Replies: 3
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Just played version 10 and it is a really solid game!

I think that having your baby given away should have extreme consequences. There should be an option to give the mother sabbatical until you have enough money to 'raise' the baby. It is very annoying not to be told that a partner is pregnant, that a certain mage rank is required to keep the baby, and that since I only have 483 gold then the baby has to be given away. I think maternal bonds need to be much more impactful.

Died a few times at level 1. The permadeath option is great! Adds so much suspense. Laboratory potion-descriptions are a bit lacking (had to Google them) but now my laboratory is fully-upgraded and I'm ready for the next stage of my plans. An excellent sandbox with emergent gameplay and I appreciate the player-driven convergence between fetishes. In my case, age progression + aphrodisiac + edging. Or nagas + lactation + academic work. I've explored five areas and thus far the game feels truly open-world.

Feels truly open-world.


Glad you are enjoying the game.

I get the harshness of having to give up a child especially if it's the first one between your characters.  Getting started in the mage guild and getting enough money is not intended to be easy, especially early on in the game.  Giving up a child having a penalty to loyalty and obedience to the mother could be a great idea.

Having a head-girl will inform you in the end day notices if someone is pregnant.  Otherwise, you'll need to check on your slaves every few days if you've had sex that could potentially result in pregnancy, after a few days 5 or so they should start to be noticeable. 

An option down the line might be if you have given up a child you might run into them again in an event and be reunited. 

The potions have descriptions once you have brewed one to see what they are. Descriptions in the lab screen when selecting potion so that you can see what the potion does before brewing will be in the next update.

Sex dialogues for very rebellious slaves should be more resisting. Especially if it is their first time for that action! It seems that the 'forced' button was not highlighted in jail when I selected 'proceed anyway'.

90hp bandit leader with mindblowing breasts should sell for more than 11g.

Is v.43 compatible with v.10 saves?

It took me a few hours to find out where the pregnancy descriptor is. Maybe the sex or description menu for pregnant characters could have a tiny pregnancy icon in the upper-right that describes how far into the pregnancy they are when you mouseover it. Like a green letter 'P' in the corner that turns yellow or red as they near birth. Or maybe the Job Report can have a line indicating that productivity was lowered by advanced stages of pregnancy.


HP and breast size actully has nothing to do with slave's price. 

Maybe we could add a small note to the new slave list regarding pregnancies.