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MultiGP Regional Finals Track

A topic by chils41 created Jun 12, 2017 Views: 540 Replies: 8
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hello, I posted about possibility of MultiGP UTT tracks for practice about 3 months ago. 

But if you can throw a MultiGP Regional Finals Track together that would be really great and much appreciated. I'm sure it will be totally worth your time. People will buy the track for $4.99 without hassle. Just post it on MultiGP Facebook page and I'm guessing you'll get several hundred downloads.

If that's a possibility, please make it happen. Again great work, absolutely love this Sim.




Hello, yes I remember, I think it's a good suggestion and I hope to have more time for development and track additions soon.

How about make something happen this year ?  At least make the  2018 MGP Regional Finals Track.


Good idea, now that I have a fully working level editor for Recharged it will be easier to add custom tracks like that. Later on I plan to release the full level editor to the public.


Just released a Custom Levels Pack.

It includes  10 levels:

- Big Hollow Bando 
- Fifty-Fifty 
- Treehouse
- 2018 MultiGP Regional Series Qualifier Track 
MultiGP Universal Time Trial Tracks: 
- UTT 1  
- UTT 2 Tsunami 
- UTT 3 Bessel Run 
- UTT 4 High Voltage 
- UTT 5 Nautilus 
- UTT 6 Fury

Hello dear Freerider Team,

just purchased the last Custom Levels Pack for my Mac. Instructions say "Place the levels in the folder". But I can't find a folder named like this. Could you please help with this. 

Thanks in advance. 



To find that folder, right-click the FPVFreerider_Recharged app icon and choose "Show Package Contents". 

jtgravityRC explains it in more detail in this video:

Hope that helps!

Thanks for quick reply. Your hint helped and now it works.


Great, glad it's working now.