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How about make something happen this year ?  At least make the  2018 MGP Regional Finals Track.

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hello, I posted about possibility of MultiGP UTT tracks for practice about 3 months ago. 

But if you can throw a MultiGP Regional Finals Track together that would be really great and much appreciated. I'm sure it will be totally worth your time. People will buy the track for $4.99 without hassle. Just post it on MultiGP Facebook page and I'm guessing you'll get several hundred downloads.

If that's a possibility, please make it happen. Again great work, absolutely love this Sim.



Track builder is really great idea. However if you are working on a track builder please make it really really easy to use. Like drag and drop kind of deal or something.

But I can not wait to fly the MGP tracks. All the dimensions are already posted and you just have to place the gates on the right places. Like I said, it does not have to be any fancy.

Thanks again for your work.


Absolutely love this sim. about 3 years ago when I started flying FPV, I created bad habit of flying in stability mode. When switched to Acro, it was a disaster. More time on the bench less time in the air. After than I spent about 10 hours practicing on this sim and man I was not a beginner anymore. Over the time it has helped me become way better pilot I am today and I made 6-8 people buy this sim and get them flying in acro mode. I own both the versions and love flying it anytime of the day.

But I want request another version of the sim, lets call it MultiGP version. Which included all the UTT and regional qualifier tracks. It does not have to be any fancy or anything. green grass and blue sky is more than enough with the MGP style gates and flags etc. Matter of fact you should also contact some sponsors about that to put there logos on the gates and flags.