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[Solved!] Shaders Changing on All STM Objects

A topic by RonDMC created Jun 11, 2017 Views: 66 Replies: 2
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Hello again. Whenever I change the Material settings of a STM component, all other objects and prefabs with a STM component change to those settings as well. Changing outline width/color for example is applied to anything in my project. Other options like fonts, type, alignment, etc. don't change.  Something else I've noticed is that STM components inside a Canvas object aren't changed when changing shader settings from the non-canvas objects. I made sure that I was updated to the latest version using Itch.io, 1.4.12.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Hey! I should probably make this more clear in the docs - you have to make a new material for the new mesh to allow them to have different shader settings. This lets material settings be stored in a material, rather than in the STM component, so setting can be shared between text meshes, but you do need to make a new material to do otherwise w/ it.

I can't seem to recreate the second issue you mention - I'm creating a new gameobject under a canvas, attaching STM as a component to it, and it seems to be showing up fine? Could you give me more details?

That solved things. So I need to make a new Material for different shader settings; makes sense. As for the canvas STM issue, your first explanation solves it as well as that uses a different material than the non-canvas ones (the UIDefault Material), which is why I could change those shader settings without them affecting the non-canvas STM  objects.

Thank you!