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[Solved!] Shaders Changing on All STM Objects

A topic by RonDMC created Jun 11, 2017 Views: 128 Replies: 4
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Hello again. Whenever I change the Material settings of a STM component, all other objects and prefabs with a STM component change to those settings as well. Changing outline width/color for example is applied to anything in my project. Other options like fonts, type, alignment, etc. don't change.  Something else I've noticed is that STM components inside a Canvas object aren't changed when changing shader settings from the non-canvas objects. I made sure that I was updated to the latest version using Itch.io, 1.4.12.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Hey! I should probably make this more clear in the docs - you have to make a new material for the new mesh to allow them to have different shader settings. This lets material settings be stored in a material, rather than in the STM component, so setting can be shared between text meshes, but you do need to make a new material to do otherwise w/ it.

I can't seem to recreate the second issue you mention - I'm creating a new gameobject under a canvas, attaching STM as a component to it, and it seems to be showing up fine? Could you give me more details?

That solved things. So I need to make a new Material for different shader settings; makes sense. As for the canvas STM issue, your first explanation solves it as well as that uses a different material than the non-canvas ones (the UIDefault Material), which is why I could change those shader settings without them affecting the non-canvas STM  objects.

Thank you! 

Heh. This stumped me too. There outta be a tool tip for that somewhere. Using the documentation didn't tell me why this was happening at all. (Or maybe it's kinda there in the patch notes,  but not clear enough.)


Ah sorry, the docs really need to be updated a bit with some info from the forums. In the new version of STM I'm working on right now, there's a "Create New Material" button next to the material field that should make the usage a bit more obvious? But I'll try to update the tooltip and the docs!