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Watch Wolf Howl at Sky in Epic Footage: 'As Wild As They Come'

It's coming, we'll be working on the port right after launching on mobile.
The Switch version will be a special DX Edition with new features and secrets!

[Patch Notes for 0.5.3]
- Joystick on Touch HUD no longer vanishes when you exit a battle

- The correct company logo image now appears on the Splash Screen

The Media Kit has been Updated!
We now include more promotional graphics, 5x enlarged sprites, and artwork commissioned by some talented folks in the brony community.
Feel free to check them out and make some great thumbnails and articles about BGP!

[Patch Notes for 0.5.2]
- Wild Battles No Longer Freeze When P2 Picks an Invalid Turn Action
- Missing Overworld Interaction Text Has Been Reinstated
- Level 3 AI Will No Longer Force Basic Class Ponies to Go Ultra
- KO'd Party Leader Ponies No Longer Appear in Battle
- Erasing Files Now Fully Resets All Data for that File
- VS Match Menu No Longer Breaks After Returning from a Force Quitted Match
- Move Info UI is Slightly Larger

A big ol' PATCH for the Everfree Demo [2022] build is on the way.
Gonna get rid of those game-freezing bugs we found during Everfree Northwest.
Check back in this weekend to find it!

The full version of Unicorn Training will receive updates and be fully restored onto the App Store, Amazon Apps, and Google Play as soon as we wrap up BGP development and give the Unity project a closer look.

It turns out to not be beyond repair after all, so we can patch-in some fixes for the major game-breaking issues to make the experience more fun and stable all-around.

We plan to fix the magic system that shouldn't level up spells beyond what you're able to cast with your current mana bar, limit the number of Bounce shots you can have active at once, set more forgiving damage values for enemy attacks, and remove the 'Escape' exploit for bosses and dungeon encounters that should've been removed from the start since it was a debug feature.

Look forward to all this alongside some major 10th anniversary announcements in 2024.

The demo is now available for anyone to play!

-- Updated Known Bugs List Coming Soon --

Unfortunately, due to a massive file corruption back in 2017 no further patches can be put out for this game. 

However, the newly formed Yotes Games team is considering development of a Unicorn Training remake from scratch after our current project Battle Gem Ponies is finished.

We'd like to give this game's concept another shot using some vastly improved talent and production values. More info to come...

Yeah, the mechanics could do with some more in-game explanations. Ideally there'd be a level cap on each spell to prevent it from getting stronger til you had the mana to wield that power.

As it stands now overusing a spell can grow it into using more mana than you actually have until you level up some more.

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0.32.5 Combat Overhaul Hotfix is up! 

Addressing issues with the previous hotfix build:

- Neutral Class doesn't affect Ace

- Mauss is no longer immune to status attacks

- Seed Mortar is now a Plant/Fire move

- Debug Mode is Disabled

- Some Spelling Errors Corrected

- UI Adjustments

Got a fresh new demo up, with a smotherin' of Bug Fixes for ya!  Every glitch and error we could find since vending at Everfree Northwest.

BGP PATCH NOTES (Sept. 5th 2021):

The Big News

  • Passive Pony Abilities & Equips Now Work as Intended
  • Menu Issues, Resolved!
  • Glitchy Moves, Fixed!
  • Typos, Corrected!
  • Particle Effects, Adjusted!
  • Background Tinting Animations, Restored!
  • Shield Moves Actually Shield You!
  • Attack Info is Displayed Correctly!
  • Unimplemented Moves that Should Be Hidden, Now Are
  • Buffs & Debuffs Go Up & Down Properly
  • Pegasi Should Now Fear Flying Rocks
  • The Endure Mechanic Works
  • Devil Shot Deals Actual Damage Now
  • The Hidden Spire Trap Activates on Forced Swap-Outs
  • 2-Turn Moves Now Show Relevant Info in Menus
  • 2-Turn Moves Don't Trigger Enemy's  Impact Side-Effects until they Actually Land
  • Made Things More Clear When You're Running Low on Gem Power
  • The Badly Poisoned Malady Now Deals Appropriate Damage
  • Malady Afflicted Debuffs are No Longer Permanent

The Specifics

  • Air ponies can now be hurt by Earth attacks while Burrowed underground
  • Ponies hiding Underground or In the Sky can no longer force the enemy's self-targeted attacks to miss
  • Pony nicknames won't disappear when you return to Team Select after a battle with custom nicknames
  • Move animations that can change the background color now work as expected
  • Barrier's reduced Damage Calculation now works
  • When restoring HP with a leeching move, the camera will always make sure the healed pony is shown along with the healing text
  • Sleep Dust will tell the player when it fails
  • Moves not implemented yet have been removed
  • Stats Screen won't wig out in the middle of battle when a barely noticeable  "null animation" issue comes up (the null animation issue was resolved too)
  • 2-Turn Moves display the proper POW number in menus
  • 2-Turn Moves exist as 2 different attacks behind the scenes now So we can have unique effects for Turn 1 and Turn 2 that won't get mixed up as easily
  • Moves with POW that "varies" show up as "--" instead of "0"
  • Sleep Malady can last more than 2 turns
  • Change Moves screen used to sometimes show the wrong pony's info. Now it double checks for the most recently highlighted pony
  • When rapidly pressing buttons, the game can trip up. We addressed this on nearly every screen in the game
  • When out of GP and forced into "Tackle Mode", unusable moves get removed from play
  • We can finely control where we clamp the Stat Stage Buffs. (currently set on a -3 to 3 scale instead of the initial -6 to 6)
  • Speedster passive ability now works
  • Poni-Bot's Battery Doesn't absorb enemies' self-targeted moves
  • Thestra's ability activates every 3 turns she's on the field, instead of every 3 turns period
  • Life Drain particle effect animation flows in the correct direction now
  • Death Glare consistently lowers the same stats each time
  • Rock Toss & Rock Riot now harm Air ponies just like the description says
  • Star Spurs Equip now works as described
  • Hidden Spire hurts ponies that are swapped in after a KO
  • Fixed Ember Tornado trap animation
  • Yawn no longer resets itself
  • Gigazorb now works when used by or used on Mauss
  • Bide will only deal damage when the user actually takes damage, not when the opponent uses a move that could/will eventually deal damage
  • Venom is now guaranteed to apply Poison
  • Devil Shot now makes its POW 1/2 of the user's EATK stat
  • The UI will show you when Buffs & Debuffs are applied, right when they happen
  • Getting a 9+ Combo on a Multi-Hit Move no longer causes the Hit Counter to stay onscreen
  • Exiting Battle now Resets Bonus Value assignments and Toggling "Disable BVs" button won't erase what you assigned them to
  • Mini Pony Sprites Animate properly in their little boxes across all menus

Assembled to save any Let's Players & Streamers out there some time! 

A whole bunch of Battle Gem Ponies art we use to make our own promotional graphics can now be in your capable hands to make some pretty slick looking BGP thumbnails. Have fun with it!
Let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see added!

A Quarter of the way there so far with some growth spurts yet to come, we're starting to feel the momentum building 💪 

Thanks for contributing to the snowball (and we'll have that new chart graphic up by morning)

Thanks! We'll have a wonderful experience for prepared for you by the end of all this

Now that's a juicy bug list. Took a bit, but we've got it all down in our notes. We'll see about fixing as many of these as possible before the August patch goes live!

Oh, you! I blush, I blush...

  • Each pony partner has a name like "Epona" or "Ditzy" that you can change on the Team Select screen. That's you pony's real name. Now each form it can turn into has a species name like Simber or Orscina that you can also nickname to be whatever you want. 
  • The leftover swirlies is indeed a bug and we'll have to clean that up next patch. 
  • When a pony runs low on Gem Power it can't use expensive moves like Heavy Attacks anymore. You can see how much GP you have using that diamond bar underneath your health. The number displays how many layers you have left underneath the current row of 10 on display. You get some back each turn so you can eventually use those lost moves again.

In the final game all these abstract concepts like GP, nicknames, and having a single shapeshifting partner will be explained in a tutorial, but for now we're just taking notes on what needs to be explained, what's intuitive enough, and what do players assume when they see something new. 

This post was super helpful and we'll be taking this feedback into account to make a bigger, better, clearer BGP!

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Can't believe after about a MILLION years, the all-new remade-from-scratch Battle Gem Ponies demo has been uploaded here on

Feels Good, Man

BGP (September DevLog): Forming a TEAM!

    This past month has been the most productive by a mile.

     A nice new tradition I'm starting up is putting up 2 Patreon updates a month now. One at the beginning of the month and one at the end. These posts are getting super meaty and full of news now, so the separation gives some breathing room to the avalanche of content to talk about. This month's posts are about finally finding a programmer to help me exponentially speed up development. We got a lot done in just the past 30 days and now the prototype phase is at least 50% complete. 

See the full Patreon Exclusive posts here!

     Otherwise come back in a month for some big news. Because now that we have momentum going, a new demo you can play will be here before you know it.

Or for now, come checkout a quick summary of October's progress on the Yotes Blog.

BGP (August DevLog): Variables n' Messes!

     Long story short, the 600+ variables required to make Battle Gem Ponies work have been put into a new usable form that'll make what's coming next possible. With all the ingredients finally here it's time to whip up a fresh and playable version of the game!

See the full Patreon Exclusive post here!

Otherwise come get a glimpse of the game's upcoming development tasks on the Yotes Blog.

Battle Gem Ponies (July DevLog): Aha! Now I see...

     Still chipping away at this project one day at a time. Real life hurdles still slowing me down and demotivating me, but even just looking at the roster of pony sprites on my phone throughout the day inspires me to keep pushing forward to make this thing real. Another devlog went up and I want the world to know about it.

See the full Patreon Exclusive post here!

Otherwise come get a brief summary of the game's progress on the Yotes Games Blog.

June DevLog: A World Restored!

     Starting development on things I can actually show off with visuals! Tilemaps recovered from oblivion, and steps towards an explorable overworld, this time made with a lot more common sense and cleanliness. Catch details on all that and more in this month's DevLog for the prototype of Battle Gem Ponies! (Get on the Patreon Hype Train for Exclusive Posts about the making, and remaking, of the game!)

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog (April: Align the Stars!)

     The first Patreon exclusive Yotes Games post just went up for those curious about the game's progress this past month. It's got screenshot breakdowns, what roadblocks have been stumping me, and a look at what's to come over the next 30 days.

     Chipping away at this project one day at a time. Looking forward to generating some YouTube hype as soon as the prototype build is done.

Check out the full post here!

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog (March: Warmed Up & Eager)

     The Unity project has been cracked open and filled with placeholders and tools for actually developing a playable build now. One screen at a time, one placeholder at a time, one feature at a time.

     There's a long road ahead and I can already see myself going mad trying to animate all these ponies and debug every feature, but that's what makes this work. It's the tedious price paid to get to where I wanna be. And where I wanna be is online sharing links to my finished game for folks to check out.

    A lot of gamedev went on this past month. Hope to be dishing out some videos on the matter soon enough. See what's cooking so far on this super-wordy special edition devlog!

(And be on the lookout for video versions of these coming to the Yotes Games YouTube Channel by month's end.)

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog (February: Charted Out)

     Off to a slow start but settled into a decent development routine at last. Plus, I've got heckling coworkers now to poke & prod me on a daily basis about getting this game done. Also, a new Pokemon game was announced, and it looks like its following the same formula I'm getting tired of, leading me to feel more fired up than ever to deliver my take on the elemental turn-based RPG system.

     If you want to know exactly what's on my dev plate going forward, then you'll like the production document cut & paste in this February blog.

See what's been up this past month on the DevLog!

BGP @MAGFest 2019! (Our 1st 4-Day Con Booth)

     This past Magfest certainly was an adventure! Supplies were gathered, 2 friends volunteered to help, and we ran the biggest Battle Gem Ponies booth yet. And for 4 days straight! I thought some folks out there would like to see what that adventure was like so catch a write-up on this indie dev experience on the Yotes Blog...  -->

BGP DevLog (January: Foundation Framework)

     Itching to kickoff the new year with great progress on Battle Gem Ponies! Gotta admit, I'm sorta stumbling out the gate in this race here, but I'm getting a rhythm down now.

See what I'm talking about on the main blog.

BGP DevLog (January: Foundation Framework)

     Itching to kickoff the new year with great progress on Battle Gem Ponies! Gotta admit, I'm sorta stumbling out the gate in this race here, but I'm getting a rhythm down now.

See what I'm talking about on the main blog.

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #200 (Fresh Start)

     At the end of 2018 I took some time to get my personal life sorted out so I can get back to focusing on making Battle Gem Ponies a reality. New year, new job, new home, fresh start! 

But maybe a little too fresh...

     You see, it seems like my Battle Gem Ponies project file in the Unity Engine got corrupted from an interrupted cloud backup process and by the looks of things I'm going to have to literally start from scratch on this project. The only things that survived were all the sprites and some old backup files from the 2017 pre-alpha project.

    It's been driving me crazy all month and trying to save it just wasted a month of energy. I'm ready to start completely over. Probably for the best, so I can look at the guts of the project one last time and use everything I learned to make this game as efficiently as possible.

    I'm here to bring you one last BGP devlog in the format I've done since 2013. From here on posts will be big development summaries once a month and any extras will go up when there's something important to talk about (usually on Wednesdays).

    So come get the latest BGP development news! It's been a while. (

BGP DevLog #198 (Thoughts in Order)

     Nothing impressive to see here, kinda just another week of getting my ideas straight. Converting messy notes into legible text, then giving that text some context to make sense with the rest of the vision.

     I'm working on the design doc some more, basically. Combing through each and every detail of the game again to make sure nothing is boring, too derivative, tedious, or pointless. I want to charm the pants off of folks the whole way through. And I absolutely want to make sure to vaporize any accusations of this being an uninspired Pokemon clone.

More on

     Can you picture it...? Yotes Games, out there among the other young hopefuls, trying to convince anybody walking by to give this little pony RPG a shot. By all means, it outta do as great as it did at Orlando Overdrive but with a much bigger crowd over the span of 3 days instead of 1.

    Serious planning has begun, so far it's only been preemptive measures and bookmarking things to come back to later. Now I'm getting down the fine details of everything I need to know, do, study, and purchase in order to make the most out of this Magfest trip.

More on

BGP DevLog #195 (Inspiration Manifestation)

     My entire past week revolved around a game that wasn't mine for once. I took the time to play the newly released followup to my favorite indie game of all-time (Undertale, in case you didn't know) and it was time well spent.

     I came out the other side of those credits re-energized, inspired to work harder, and pumped up on well-designed RPGs and quirky/interesting fantasy worlds. Overall, a nice reminder of why I love gaming so much.

See what notable new design elements are coming (without getting too specific) along with some Earth-Shaking indie dev news on the Yotes Blog.

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #194 (Speech Therapy)

Happy Halloween, Folks!

     Only thing scarier than the monsters out tonight is the possibility of Battle Gem Ponies getting delayed again. Amirite? Harharrr!

But really.

     You know how everybody hates the sound of their own voice in recordings? I've been tackling that uncomfortableness all week. The scripts may be written, but I swear saying all this stuff out loud is more difficult than I anticipated. So used to monologues with the voice in my head for decades, my poor mouth muscles can't keep up. 

     Tons of shoots and reshoots, capturing this narration while I adjust to pronouncing things clearly, using an audible voice, and not making any weird mouth noises. Ooohhh, it's a process alright. But at least they're coming along. Might be a week delay between each one until I get into the swing of things, but my YouTube channel is gonna be a lively place pretty soon. Keep an eye out.

It's been a while, so here's some gamedev goodness:!

DevLog #192 (Missed the Train, So Up the Standard)

     Tiny bits of progress get done week-by-week and right now I'm one step closer to getting those YouTube videos ready to fill in the gaps. With scripts written, it's a matter of recording all of them and splicing a few videos together.nI can hope it takes a weekend, but I'll just take this one day at a time. You know how I am with deadlines.

Get this week's GameDev news and introspection on

BGP DevLog #190 (Lackluster Progress)

     Here's my attempt to associate with the moth meme. Just wanna make a public PSA, the Battle Gem Ponies project is NOT dead. It's just kinda on life support. It's hospitalized. Yeah. Progress is still going, but at a snail's pace. Which (believe it or not) is a lot worse than usual.

     Gotta throw that out there because dev time took a massive hit while I'm trying to get a work/life balance going while also living an hour away from the office and ALSO trying to get back in shape after months of little exercise and ALSO, also fussing over fin.

Come see what I managed to squeeze out of the last 7 days at