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STLD Redux Ep 02

A topic by Pyroklastic created Jun 10, 2017 Views: 295 Replies: 2
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Just released STLD Episode 02 onto Itch! How exciting. I hope you like horror and monsters, with side a of pulpy-gore and mystery. 

Buy It Here on ITCH.IO

This is just gonna be a quick summary to try to explain what's in this game so far and what STLD is all about.

As of now STLD Redux episode 02 has two modes of gameplay: 10 minute survival and 18 minute survival. You can also unlock hardcore mode for players who are familiarized with the gameplay and want an extreme challenge.

There are over 20 weapons in this Episode ( includes melee, guns, explosives, some other weird shit )  , they are discovered/earned/unlocked through various means.

The game is an attempt to capture a horror movie experience. The weapons are designed so they each have their own quirk. The game itself acts as one giant easter egg with layers under layers of things to discover and utilize until finally you are the extremely destructive weapon.

Environments are a deadly and necessary advantage.

There is a torturous learning phase. I recommend an xbox controller , a keyboard also works fine, and actually may end up being ideal for some users.

Tokens are awarded after successes and failures. Tokens can be spent in the Reward menu to strengthen the characters arsenal.

Skeleton Keys are a superior version of the token and offer rewards of a higher tier. You can earn skeleton keys by surviving 18 minute mode or completing any mode on hardcore.

The big rewards ^^^^^^^^

I'm working on an interactive tutorial for new players, I apologize there is not one just yet!

There is a final patch in the works for STLD EP02. This should be ready within about 3 months. ( Free with lots of content ) I'm calling this patch "STLD: Night Mist"


Can't afford the game?

1 copy is given away every Friday in the Zombie Raffle Race!



Looks great, thanks for sharing. I put it up on the homepage.

Thank you leafo!