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Level 5 - Android build

A topic by Skeleton District created Aug 19, 2020 Views: 39
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I finally finished my first android build for my 2.5D pixel art basketball game

Level 5

Check it out. Currently a single player game with 15 game modes, 10 levels, and tons of characters, and a database for high score/stat saving.


Touch controls


UI Button : tap to select button, then double tap to activate

UI Option Change : tap option to select, swipe up/down on right side of screen to change option

Direction : touch screen (hold) + move direction on left side of screen

Run : ON by default. No toggle

Jump : (with basketball) tap on right side of screen

Shoot : (with basketball and in air) tap on right side of screen /

Swipe up on left side of screen

Call ball to player : (without basketball) tap on right side of screen

Enable Moneyball : moneyball modes removed from mobile right now

Pause game : (non pause menu) swipe down on right side of screen

(pause menu) tap ‘cancel’ button to select, then double tap button

start game or whatever : start / submit

Toggle always run : ON by default

Toggle ui stats : not implemented yet

Toggle Camera view : not implemented yet

So, check it out if you want. It's kinda fun, it has 3 pointers, 4 pointers, and 7 pointers. certain game modes have point bonuses and stuff like that.

In the Pocket game mode : make 3 in a row,  get bonus points 3pt+1, 4pt+2, 7pt+3

3/4/All Point timed contest: 5 shot of each marker is worth double points, whatever time left after finishing all shots is added as bonus points



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