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if you got any questions, suggestions,  or bugs to report, just holla at ya boy

I finally finished my first android build for my 2.5D pixel art basketball game

Level 5

Check it out. Currently a single player game with 15 game modes, 10 levels, and tons of characters, and a database for high score/stat saving.


Touch controls


UI Button : tap to select button, then double tap to activate

UI Option Change : tap option to select, swipe up/down on right side of screen to change option

Direction : touch screen (hold) + move direction on left side of screen

Run : ON by default. No toggle

Jump : (with basketball) tap on right side of screen

Shoot : (with basketball and in air) tap on right side of screen /

Swipe up on left side of screen

Call ball to player : (without basketball) tap on right side of screen

Enable Moneyball : moneyball modes removed from mobile right now

Pause game : (non pause menu) swipe down on right side of screen

(pause menu) tap ‘cancel’ button to select, then double tap button

start game or whatever : start / submit

Toggle always run : ON by default

Toggle ui stats : not implemented yet

Toggle Camera view : not implemented yet

So, check it out if you want. It's kinda fun, it has 3 pointers, 4 pointers, and 7 pointers. certain game modes have point bonuses and stuff like that.

In the Pocket game mode : make 3 in a row,  get bonus points 3pt+1, 4pt+2, 7pt+3

3/4/All Point timed contest: 5 shot of each marker is worth double points, whatever time left after finishing all shots is added as bonus points



thanks. most of what you said i know about and im trying to fix. im just one dude tho so everything takes forever. right now, the shot meter is based on jump value which determines how long the meter is active. so picking a player with a low jump means you can get more shots off or higher jump, you get more time to nail the shot.

i just added a few new camera angles that are switchable and im going to add a new pop up camera  that is on the goal when it's offscreen or follows the ball.

im definitely planning to do ball animation sprites and im constantly tweaking the physics.

that camera sticking is annoying and i just forgot to fix it.

been busy working on adding a database to save everything for a online leaderboard.

thanks for the feedback.

game link:

I've been making this 2.5d pixel art basketball game for almost 2 months. Check it out, its rad. 13 game modes and a buncha levels. 

It started as a mini game  in an unfinished game. i based it on the old gameboy game, Jordan vs Bird.  At least check out the video, I think the pixel art is pretty good.