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Retrieve my comments from the API

A topic by stuartlangridge created Jun 06, 2017 Views: 148 Replies: 2
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Is there some way I can get a list of comments I've made on games? When a game jam happens, I'll comment on various games, but I can't find any way to get a list of those comments that I've made. (My feed lists games I've rated but not ones I've commented on; the API doesn't seem to provide any way of getting comments at all).


There's currently no API to fetch comments. Do you need an API for software you're making, or do you just want a way to list them all so you can see them?

The jam comments system is using an older version of our comment code, but generally any comments you make should appear on your community profile page. When we update the jam comments system all the comments will appear there.

Aha, so that page will be great once the jam comments system is fixed to work with it! That's what I'm looking for. (I only looked at the API to see if I could make myself something which fetched my comments, before you got around to doing it :))