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We won "Best Narrative" at Norwegian Game Awards and decided to make Albert public!

A topic by Kvam created Aug 13, 2020 Views: 65 Replies: 3
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We're two Norwegian designers (Bao and Sondređź‘‹), and last fall we made our first attempt at a game! It's called Albert, and it's a game about leaving home and escaping your past. Anyway, we commited the game to Norwegian Game Awards (NGA) and we won "Best Narrative" (surprisingly) and were nominated for "Game of the Year" (shockingly!). Even though NGA is quite small, the recognition made us reconsider and we made the game public. We hope this brings joy to someone out there!

wow, that is some nice,unique  art right there

Thank you! Bao's the one to take credit for that. He tok inspiration from Studio Ghibli among other things.

this is a legit game you guys made, i mean the "briefcase". thats just genius :) i need to learn from you guys , my own game still needs alot of work. cheers

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