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A topic by Seven Flame created Aug 10, 2020 Views: 156 Replies: 1
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I just recently discovered your city/village/dungeon generators and am HUGELY impressed by them. I plan to post some minor tweaks, suggestions, issues, questions, etc; but first wanted to state that I am clearly a fan. I like the end-product, the visual style(s), and the algorithm and behind the scenes workings.

3 Issues I'm currently experiencing (across all 3 generators) are:

1) Exporting as PNG or SVG don't appear to be working correctly; instead giving me an odd multi-colored image with no structure.

2) Hotkeys that involve the Shift+ (ie: increase water level) dont recognize the “shift” and instead just function as the regular hotkey (toggling water on/of)

3) Having a way to see (or ideally save/export/import) the seed/keys/etc for an particular generation would be VERY useful to many people.



  1. Could you send me some examples, exported files? That's weird.
  2. Another glitch I haven't encountered before. What system do you use? Win/Mac/something else?
  3. Eventually this will be implemented at least for some generators. For now it's available in the non-itch version of MFCG.