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Seven Flame

A member registered Aug 10, 2020

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Cant seem to get this to work at all - despite no issues with city, village, or dungeon (outside of a few small glitches)

Great project, awesome! how hard would it be to either export or save the seed values for a particular layout? I will often generate 6 or 8 different layouts and choose the one I like best from them. It would be very handy if I could go 'back' to look at the previous layout -either because it stores keys for the last X generations-. Being able to see/save/export those keys would be VERY helpful for that and other uses as well. Thanks again

Huge fan of the generator! Love the idea of adding trees and the like (although I understand your resistance); would it be possible to add fields/farms the way the city generator does (with some association to population if possible)?

I just recently discovered your city/village/dungeon generators and am HUGELY impressed by them. I plan to post some minor tweaks, suggestions, issues, questions, etc; but first wanted to state that I am clearly a fan. I like the end-product, the visual style(s), and the algorithm and behind the scenes workings.

3 Issues I'm currently experiencing (across all 3 generators) are:

1) Exporting as PNG or SVG don't appear to be working correctly; instead giving me an odd multi-colored image with no structure.

2) Hotkeys that involve the Shift+ (ie: increase water level) dont recognize the “shift” and instead just function as the regular hotkey (toggling water on/of)

3) Having a way to see (or ideally save/export/import) the seed/keys/etc for an particular generation would be VERY useful to many people.