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possibly gravity or history repeats

A topic by AdamStrange created Jun 03, 2017 Views: 410 Replies: 12
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palette 1

written in monkey2 with custom additions for 3d

This is work in progress getting the 3d engine written....


heres a map test

(1 edit)

towers and walls being added along with correct palette


maybe add something nasty as well...


later towers can now be switched off

just creep up behind them and hit that switch...

definitely going to be History repeats now...

Working on the menus UI and other stuff making careful that the correct colors are being used

It's finally got a title


I think it best fits with History Repeats...

and now a quick video

more ui work: making keyboard bindings...

menus, start screen sorted. Work started on 8bit chip emulation

sound emulation sorted. need to have a fish state now...

footsteps are now marked both on the main view and the mini map. spawn point has rotating floor and other smaller adjustments.

Resolution is now completely independent. So it will scale or shrink to ANY size of view!

final tidy up of code and linking of keybinding stuff - not as simple as I first thought