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A topic by BKByon created Jun 01, 2017 Views: 153 Replies: 5
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Here are some awesome games I made: check it out,

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I'm getting 404 errors on both those links, did you make the games public?

That said, Friendly Wildlife Experience looks really good from the screenshots, how did you make it?

Either way, you might want to include more details about your games when you post here. :)

Deleted post

Not sure, not getting anything, its working fine for me, can you post the photo of the error you're receiving perhaps to help me understand more about your situation? ty. 


Uh... it's a 404 error. You know, "page not found"? Most likely, your games are still in draft so only you can see them. Check the publishing status at the bottom of the edit page.

I used Havok Engine (the same one used in Halo) included, I used lot of free sources given in community to make it, no one "literally" post things like this like you asked, so I decided not to post details on how I made the game, literally, like idk where you get those from, b ut no one does it, hope this answers your questin, Oh, and I also used blender, lol

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Unh.... A lot of game developers do in fact post a lot of details about how they're making games. The folks at Id software made all their engines open source, and those contained all kinds of advanced tricks for their respective eras. What exactly do you think I'm going to steal? I don't even do 3D. At all.

By the way, interesting combination, I don't often hear of the Havok engine being used for 3rd-party games. But no, I meant pasting a screenshot and a blurb of your game in the release announcement, not just a link. It's right there in the posting rules, and helps people decide if they want to click through in the first place.