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Dark fantasy romance, lots of dialog choices. · By Rolling Crown


A topic by Sandpixie created May 31, 2017 Views: 453 Replies: 11
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love it love it love it!!! art is fantastic,dialogue and plot are gripping and i adore the wicked fun with rise :D cannot wait for more and i know it's waaaaay too early to ask but i'm just so excited i must know, do you have a guessed ETA of the next chapter release? the suspense is killing meeeee!! been ages since i found such a fun VN :D rise became my main bro in two seconds flat he makes me think of that saying : good friends help you bury bodies, best friends help you kill them. well supervise in his case

do you know of any games similar in theme? need something to pass the time during the wait D:


Thank you. :)
The next chapter should be out in August. There's that rule that development always takes longer than we anticipate, even when we take into account that development takes longer than we anticipate...

tis why i said maybe :P perfection takes time :3 can't wait

hi hi hi so my steam is currently updating the game is this chapter three or is it only available on the itch version in early access as it says on the fb page? :)


It's on Steam too

ok so they're both the same? i have the steam version but when i saw the post i thought the itch chapter 3 was different


There are two project pages on itch, this is the public one and it's the same as the version on steam.

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new chapter was very good am really enjoying getting closer to raze <3  and really dig sir brash's piercings that you see in the cg,plot is thickening can't tell who can be trusted and erbody acting shadey left me wondering the whole time what their intentions are and who's after us,very well done! Wish it was Longer aaaahhhh but that all of us can't wait for each part shows just how good your work is! Around the end when they mentioned the area being haunted I will admit to singing the ghost busters theme song xD gosh I love it! Beautiful art and crazy Good plot been so long since I've seen such a gripping vn wish it would go on forever <3 loving how bright's abilities are progressing and so refreshing to find a vn with a mature female player character love it I just wanna hug and squish raze can't wait till we're finally with him I hope that doesn't only happen right at the end though

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been replaying it to see all the different choices. By the way I know he's called a demonspawn but is he based on an incubus appearance wise?


I guess he's based on tieflings from Neverwinter nights. He has goat legs, not sure if it's obvious :D


Hehehehe i wanna see him soon so bad XD ma bebbeh