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A few accessibility suggestions

A topic by SoniEx2 created Aug 05, 2020 Views: 287 Replies: 11
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I think you should rename the "master" mixer to "main", and also I'd prefer if the on/off checkboxes were actual checkboxes because as it currently stands I'm very confused about whether the "box" is the selection or the colorful side is the selection. I think it's the colorful side that is the selection, but this is extremely confusing.

these issues aside, I'm definitely enjoying it so far ^-^

Developer (1 edit)

Hi there,

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I’m happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying the game so far.

I can see how the toggles may have been visually confusing. In the latest update I’ve clarified the toggles so the only visible label is the active state. For example, when a toggle is “on”, the “off” label is now completely hidden.


thank you!

uh I ran into a bit of a "minor" issue... I extracted the new version on top of the old one and everything was fine for a bit, but now whenever I try to continue playing, the game just consistently crashes/freezes. what do I do now?

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for letting me know! This version updated part of its middleware for executing the game so it might cause some issues by updating the way you described. What I would recommend is completely deleting the game and re-extracting the new files. Your save games are safe because they’re located elsewhere in your filesystem (e.g. in your %AppData% folder on Windows). Hope this helps!

ah. done that, but nope, it still seems to crash. :<


Oh no! I’m sorry to hear. Could you walk me through what happens specifically? Are you running Windows or Linux? demo or full version? I’m having trouble reproducing the issue here.

A few things you can try:

  • Make a backup of your save folder (e.g. %AppData%/soundStrider) and remove it. It’s possible that some files in there got corrupted. If that works, then maybe we can attempt to recover your save by then copying the Local Storage folder back into it.
  • Download the itch app and then install the game through there. This will manage the whole update process for you, and you’ll keep your saves.
  • The same is true if you have Steam. Both the demo and full version are available there (be sure to redeem your free Steam key if you’ve purchased here).
  • With the full version, you also have access to the HTML5 build. You’ll lose your save but you can run it directly in a compatible browser. (To download the demo you need to use the itch app and then open it in your browser from the install directory. Unfortunately that’s just how itch is set up.)

I'm on Linux, full version, I continued playing for a bit (less than an hour, I think) after updating, before it got corrupted. I hope it's not permanently corrupted. :<

is there a way I could send you the save for you to debug it? I can get to the menu, and I *assume* I can start a new adventure... but I was hoping to keep playing my current one.


You can absolutely do that! Give me a link to a .tar.gz (or similar) of your ~/.config/soundStrider directory (I think that’s where it’s stored). I have access to a Linux machine running the latest Ubuntu, but I’ll need more time to understand the issue. It’s possible that I uploaded a faulty build. Thanks for understanding.

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can you git clone ? .-.

(totally not using git just because I can never remember how to use tar :v)

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for that! I found the issue and I’m uploading a hotfix momentarily. It turned out to not be platform specific, but something to do with the recent change to instrument unlocks. Your save is fine (but I am disappointed). :)

Thanks for your help and understanding in correcting this issue.

np, thanks ^-^