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np, thanks ^-^

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can you git clone ? .-.

(totally not using git just because I can never remember how to use tar :v)

I'm on Linux, full version, I continued playing for a bit (less than an hour, I think) after updating, before it got corrupted. I hope it's not permanently corrupted. :<

is there a way I could send you the save for you to debug it? I can get to the menu, and I *assume* I can start a new adventure... but I was hoping to keep playing my current one.

ah. done that, but nope, it still seems to crash. :<

thank you!

uh I ran into a bit of a "minor" issue... I extracted the new version on top of the old one and everything was fine for a bit, but now whenever I try to continue playing, the game just consistently crashes/freezes. what do I do now?

these issues aside, I'm definitely enjoying it so far ^-^

I think you should rename the "master" mixer to "main", and also I'd prefer if the on/off checkboxes were actual checkboxes because as it currently stands I'm very confused about whether the "box" is the selection or the colorful side is the selection. I think it's the colorful side that is the selection, but this is extremely confusing.