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A topic by koalabear1225 created May 30, 2017 Views: 439 Replies: 15
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Sooooo i found a Dark crystal....what does it do? (if anything at the moment) also i tried making hammers, it won't let me


At the moment. Nothing.

Hammers can only be made with two ingots or more.  Otherwise, the option in the selection wheel stays unselectable.

i tried that and all i got were blades


Were the ingots in the heated state?

yea...i heat the ingots and all  i get are blades, unless i am missing something?


I'm assuming you are using the radial selection menu by holding down the Z key? 

no, just heat and hammer


Ya you'll need to use the Radial Menu to access the hammer. hold down the "Z" button and select the hammer head icon. Then you'll be able to craft hammer heads. When you need to switch to blades, do the same thing. Etc..

still nothing, should i reinstall it?


So, i have a question, I went into the cabin that the Crystal of Fear is inside and i was carrying with me the crystal of Protection, When i enteredthe Cabin and i let the Protection Crystal down an Enderman (The black guy with white eyes) jumpscared me. What is that thing?


that be...a burnt thanos tryin to get his gems back from feelthy avangers


Something made of nightmares!


I have a question in a another type:

What do you plane after all blacksmith shop will do? (I entend RPG part with customer, craft blacksmith objects shop and ore gather.)

Do you plane to add another job, like carpenter? Or just stay on the blacksmith stuff?

hopefully he'll keep mining from Sandbox mode