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Is it me or does Inna Antonova look an awfully lot like Nico Robin?

Is it me or does Inna Antonova look an awfully lot like Nico Robin?

10/10, i love it, it's funny, cute, sensual, to put it simply...i don't like Visual Novels, simply because it is a reading sim...but this is amazing, forget Starcitizen, butterfly soup all the way!

the game is super fun, super cute...only one problem...the music, it's too creepy, other then that 5/5

could you add Sandbox mode? 

Created a new topic Fatal error

i downloaded it but when i try loading it from WinRAR it loads and then i get a message saying Fatal Error

heat 2-3 ingots, put them on the anvil, and then hold z, 

you should add a test option to test the guns

Created a new topic Feedback

The game is super fun and charming figured out how to make hammers...but, after Day 10/12 the customers orders get mixed-up I.E someone asks for a greatsword, and takes a one hand hammer

video games now a days are  all: rip out his spine and eat his flesh: this guy made this game...so calming and peaceful...we need more sandbox games like this

you can click the shop closed sign on the door to open it 

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hopefully he'll keep mining from Sandbox mode

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still nothing, should i reinstall it?

5 year old toshiba

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no, just heat and hammer

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yea...i heat the ingots and all  i get are blades, unless i am missing something?

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that be...a burnt thanos tryin to get his gems back from feelthy avangers

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i tried that and all i got were blades

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i have a mouse pad...i find using space is easy for ramps that go up

Created a new topic Question

Sooooo i found a Dark crystal....what does it do? (if anything at the moment) also i tried making hammers, it won't let me

also...it maybe short but it's so floppy and cute just like my......Floppy...disk *cough*


Created a new topic Good game but...

It's a good game but...how do i make ramps?

I tried loading the Demo but all i got was Diagnostic errors

Created a new topic It's fun but....

It's super fun...but it's missing Customization, not the next update but whenever you get around to it could you add customization?