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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

More cat aesthetic and other suggestions

A topic by deersserts created May 29, 2017 Views: 269 Replies: 2
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Cat aesthetic things

  • An on screen mouse arrow to show you where your base and beacons are located without having to open your map every 5 seconds
  • 'Prowler' instead of Rover that might either follow paths or wander around collection resources. 
  • Alternatively have a 'rover' attached to a leash that could gather resources in range.
  • More cat ears and balls of yarn here n there would be an option
  • Paw prints instead of foot prints
  • Instead of a work bench have some blue prints n stuff on the floor of a hallway module. Maybe some yarn too
  • A cat bed to pass the night or just fast forward time. Cat toys could have the same effect

Other suggestions

  • Go full ball with the modular aesthetic and make batteries and work benches look like they attach to the walk ways as well
  • Dynamic storage either allowing you to leave excess ore inside your smelter or allowing you to pull it straight from attached storage modules
  • Have the space ship work as a super limited work bench that's only let you make a proper work bench and maybe a meal
  • Eating without having to click on the food in your inventory. This one might pose some difficulty w/ how the game works however if you make one of the items in your inventory 'bare hands' or 'paws' you can have it so they only activate doors n junk when a tool of some kind, be it their hands or a shovel, is selected. 
  • Alternatively there can be a separate inventory for consumables that can be clicked on or have a button mapped to them.
  • this would also resolve the confusion with oxygen tanks and water bottles being consumable only items and not working with the water tank for example. 
  • Mission tutorials such as "fill water tank w/ ice and produce 3 plants" to explain how things work
  • Other plants grow-able in green houses or new green houses for roots and trees. I assume its already in progress tho

Great ideas! Thank you for sharing them :)

I would definitely like to increase the overall cat-ness of the game. Right now it's pretty weak.

Few points I'd like to comment on:

Giving the lander more purpose: Having it act as a low-tech workbench would be nice. I think the less items the game need to give the player at the beginning of the game, the better. I've also been scheming a research/science tech-tree feature. The lander might play a part in that as well. Not sure yet.

+1 for waypoint stuff without having to open up the minimap.

The player-input definitely needs an overhaul at some point. Especially for mouse clicks, which isn't consistent right now. There's lots of different styles of interactions that I'm trying to make it handle (equitable items, consumables, base modules, placing items on base modules, resource tiles etc), -- can't imagine it's very clear to new players.

Root plants I'm going to let players grow in the greenhouse, but probably not the trees (since they're an infinite source of food right now). Need to think about it some more.

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On the topic of trees if ya can't grow them will ya be able to replant them? giving them a life span and maybe having them regrow after dying is an option too. Having the dropped fruits becoming new trees would be too hard to program i reckon.

Also will there be consumable batteries for the suit like you have water bottles and oxygen?

I shoulda added this to the post as well however it'd be nice if there was a clearer difference between the ore n the scrap to show you cant pick up ore with your bare paws. Maybe some cracks in the ground to make it look buried as a hint you need the shovel.