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Screenshot save dialog

GameMaker & Construct 2 plugins to let user pick where to save screenshot(s). · By YellowAfterlife

Save specific surface?

A topic by twistoon created Jul 29, 2020 Views: 296 Replies: 7
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Hi, is there a way that we can save a specific surface with this rather than just the screen in html5 please? :) Thank you 


This extension uses a trick involving drawing the GM canvas onto another canvas to get base64 of it, but surfaces are not canvases on WebGL.

I think your best bet would be to grab pixels using buffer_get_surface, then grab a raw buffer object (Uint8Array I think? Or maybe ArrayBuffer) using buffer_get_address, then convert those pixels into ImageData, then putImageData it onto canvas, and then you can finally get base64 of it and use the rest of the existing code.

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Hi, Thank you so much for answering, sorry I wasn't clear that I was using Gamemaker... I see that I can go up to the buffer_get_address in gamemaker, but can't see ImageData or putimagedata... so I'd have to make an extension from there in JS for it to work? :) 


Correct - either make an extension or edit this same one (since it has some of the code anyway)

Thankyou :) I'll give it a go, I hadn't seen that the code was with the extension.

Hey, this extension is great. However I am just wondering if the surface can be saved without user dialogue? I mean to save a surface to a file which can be loaded later, without asking user to provide/select the filename? (I am using GM and looking for a solution for HTML5).


If you want to save the surface "somewhere" but not necessarily in a user-accessible location, you could use buffer_get_surface and then buffer_base64_encode to convert it to a string you could save (or, perhaps, buffer_save will also work).

Thanks for your reply. I tried some way, maybe the problem is at my end, but could not get it work.

Surface_save works well on windows.exe (but not with html5), however  buffer_get_surface+buffer_save or buffer_get_surface+buffer_base64_encode+file_text_write_string did not work at all. 

Anyway, thank you.