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Cool Forts Prevail Released

A topic by Philisophic Games created May 28, 2017 Views: 292 Replies: 6
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Cool Forts Prevail is a split-screen multi, and single player sandbox FPS. You can build a fort and defend it, attack enemy forts, or just do something else, like running over enemies and friends with a car. It works great with an Xbox controller and it is really fun with friends!

Will you release Mac and Linux versions?

Thanks for showing interest! I'll take a look at different versions tomorrow :)

Linux version is now available! If you try it out, please tell me if it works :)

Ok, a few things: Shader is very cool, ground could use more texturing/objects, why are there no teammates in solo mode, and why does the enemy never come out of their fort?

I captured a fort and it said "your fort has been captured!" or something which I think is a bug, no mouse cursor in pause menu which I think is also a bug. No way to change resolution AFAIK, window is not re-sizeable. Performance is good though, constant high FPS.

Thanks for playing. First, the enemies should attack, though you always have around 3-5 minutes to prepare your fort. I'll take a look at what you thought was a bug and check what it can be. The windows version has an external laucher where you can change all settings,  something that i couldn't port to the linux version, but I'll add some in-game settings as soon as i get some spare time. Thanks again!

could you please make an update?