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WebGL context lost or Indirect call to null

A topic by pattyorigami created Jul 26, 2020 Views: 47
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I recently exported a game in HTML zip file format to Thing is, after I got it all set up and previewed it, it worked just fine the first time. But when I reloaded the page and tried playing it again I keep getting "WebGL context lost, try reloading the page" (in Chrome browser) or on Firefox I get "Indirect call to null. " Now I did set up a system for the game to save the player's high score on their device via singleton. Could that be causing my problem? Because I wasn't sure if running an HTML version in a browser would let me do that. That's just a theory I have, but could it be something else? The fact that it worked the first time and then never again after is what has me scratching my head!

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