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Added lightning bugs (worth 5 points)! Also added a light 2D effect on the lightning bugs, but it seems to cause lag on the Android export. So I may replace light2D with a simple drawn semi-transparent glow, unless working out some other errors frees up some CPU making the Light2D run smoothly.

This is great! I have been working on my own version of F&F, but I love the simplicity and true to the original look of yours! Check mine out if you get time and let me know what you think!

Just improved the control by adding one button for jumping back and forth instead of two and one button for the tongue. And they are visible buttons since some of my "beta testers" (friends and family I roped into trying it out) had trouble knowing where to press. 

Also added shading to the frogs as the sun goes down and made a freeze frame on the winning frog at the end of the round.

Just finished working out an optimized Android download for this. I fixed the graphics jitter, improved spawning of flies, and handle loading scenes better for better overall performance.  More updates to come now that I have a good system in place

I just uploaded an earlier, bare-bones version that will work on Android for now, until I can work out the bugs

I can't get the .apk version to work! The title screen and tutorial scene load back and forth just fine, but not the main gameplay scene. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

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This is an update as of 8/2/20 4:49PM: the controls screen is now animated and shows the boundaries of where the touch controls are as well as instructions on how to use keyboard and controller controls/ I added more detail to the text in all of the labels/ I made the cpu frog's "ai" a little better so he's a little harder to beat/  I refined the ui on the title screen so that arrow keys and d-pad highlight the different button options/ and I created some smoother transitions between scenes.

I would love to. Also, would you mind giving me some feedback about my game? Thanks!

I recently exported a game in HTML zip file format to Thing is, after I got it all set up and previewed it, it worked just fine the first time. But when I reloaded the page and tried playing it again I keep getting "WebGL context lost, try reloading the page" (in Chrome browser) or on Firefox I get "Indirect call to null. " Now I did set up a system for the game to save the player's high score on their device via singleton. Could that be causing my problem? Because I wasn't sure if running an HTML version in a browser would let me do that. That's just a theory I have, but could it be something else? The fact that it worked the first time and then never again after is what has me scratching my head!