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A topic by Nasheik created Jul 24, 2020 Views: 1,266 Replies: 40
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General game discussion

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Nice one. Can we get a key for reset? When in fullscreen (web version), ESC exits fullscreen rather than opens menu.


You can also pause with P


In 1920 x 1200 resolution the sides of the screen are not visible.  So I can't tell where is a wall and where the exit to the next section is.


The game is currently made for 1920x1080. I'll have to look into other resolutions for the future.


Awesome game! One thing that I think could add some replayability, is if there was an effect that made the stick look like its a squeegee cleaning a window, so make the background a window and give the stick a cleaning effect, making its path shiny. This would A. be a cool and satisfying effect, and B. add the possibility of a game mode where you have to clean 100% of the map, or just certain "dirty" spots. Really fun game great work!


Just had another idea! you should make the music affected by the player movement and actions, similar to Ape Out, the Devolver Digital game. that game has a jazz soundtrack, and when you hit something or throw something the drums crash in and it makes you feel like your composing the music. I think this would be perfect for your game, as you could have a beautiful melody lightly playing when you're floating in the air, and have piano keys play when you hit a wall, so how you play determines how the music sounds. If you're able to gracefully soar through all the obstacles, the music will come out gracefully and smooth, but if you continuously are hitting walls the music will come out louder and faster, creating a sort of controlled chaos. Love the new levels btw!


Fun game, really enjoyed! A few suggestions:

Mouse OP, pls nerf. (Legitimately, though, mouse is just WAY too easy to use.)

The sound for hitting your side is really weird. Wouldn't it make more sense for it to be kind of a clacky sound rather than a whoosh?

It seems like the ends won't bounce if you don't hit the wall with any speed, which is pretty janky. Doesn't happen often though.

Achievements! Something like "beat a level without banging your side" or "collide X times in 5 seconds". I think it would give some nice replay value.

Perhaps different types of terrain, or physics-affected terrain?

Things I would like to see more of:

Shortcuts. Spices up speedrunning and is just fun to attempt!

I like the song choice! Really ensures the player won't get frustrated. I could try to make a song for this game, if you want?

The level design somehow manages to amplify the fun of the main mechanic! Not sure how you pulled that off, haha, but keep it up!


Thanks for the feedback. I will look into these things. As for the music, thanks for the offer, but I actually wanted to try to make it myself, but we'll see...


Got it, cool. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Really fun but I do wish the camera centered on you while in cursor mode. 


hey so Nasheik did you make the music track in the background if not then wher did you get it


I did not make it, the link to the song is in the description under Jam Information. It will be changed in the next update to royalty-free music.


Will there be a mobile version? Maybe with rotating arrow buttons on the left/right? Game seems amazing also :)


In the future, yes. Currently I am focusing on levels and mechanics. I was thinking left half of screen and right half of screen as the two inputs, but I am open to suggestions.

Actually that's perfect!


I just wanted to tell you how much i loved this and how i was so happy it was a bird at the end. Very chill and interesting mechanics. Would love to see a pogostuck  style gambit to play through.


One of my favorites from this series. Really good job on the new levels! Love to see this progress more.


Hi, i had an idea for some mechanics you could use

First: add some bouncy walls that make you jump 2x as normal

Second: add some sticky walls that reduce the hight of the jump


Been playing a fair bit of CTS the last few days, really having a blast! Good to see new levels, and I love how polished the wind is while still keeping to the "out of control" original guideline, being able to control your float with the orientation of the stick just blew my mind when I noticed it! (even though it plays a minor role in completing the levels)

I have quite a few recommendations, feel free to discard anything that doesn't seem doable or pertain to your vision for where you're taking the game!

Here goes:

Speedrun related:
1- A timer during play, seeing your pace as you go through a level can be very helpful!
1a- If you want to enable speedrunning for an "all levels" category rather than individual levels, another timer would be great to keep track of the total runtime, pausing when levels are completed and resuming when the next level starts.
I would suggest making this total timer feature dedicated and exclusive to a speedrun mode, rather than the initial "campaign" mode just because a timer could put pressure on casual players who just want to get through the game as a puzzle, with no pressure of time, only completing the level. (or maybe just make it hidden from normal mode)

2- A keybind to the restart option of the menu, to quickly be able to start over, this is pretty much just Quality of Life though
2a- Another option and keybind to start over from level 1, that'd also be a great QoL but only for a speedrun mode, casual players would NOT want to accidentally press a key and find their progress seemingly disappear. Keybind would need to be
2b- Ability to change keybinds ? That's also Quality of Life but that can be a massive boon to speedrunners

3- Making the end of level transition over a second or two into a menu that would have all previous options (except resume) but also a next level button, in speedrun mode it could just go straight to the next level one second after finishing the level, just so you have time to see your timer for said level. Minimizing menuing is always good when possible in speedrunning to keep the emphasis on gameplay, at least I think it is.

That's all I can think of for now relating to speedruns. This does NOT have to be your principal concern but keeping those kind of things in mind could be useful in the long run ? I don't want these things to take up your time and take away from your creative process whatsoever but wanted to adress what I could think of since you asked about it in the other topic!

Now for general additions, I think a handful of mechanics and levels introducing them are probably your first priority. Don't know that you need help figuring out mechanics seeing how good your wind is but do ask if you need ideas.
-Further down the line a map editor would be great for replay value/ community building, it could also help your own creation of maps if you do it early on, I think?
-Customization? It doesn't have to be a lot, but I was thinking of the game LUFTRAUSERS and it's color palette system, I think unlocking a level's color palette after completing it and being able to set it as default could be nice, or even as random! In case you don't know about that game &/or that particular feature I could make a quick video of it, if you're at all interested.

One last thing I do want to mention which is really quite subjective is what got me hooked in the first place, and that'd have the simplicity of controls, and the precision of inputs required to keep your controllable "stick" well, in control. I think mechanics need to be simple building blocks that add to the original gameplay, without changing it too much, and while the wind is great in many ways, I'm sort of afraid of it getting too chaotic, then again, not enough elements would not be engaging enough, so I guess you'll have to figure out the balance of chaos vs control. Either way I thought that was worth mentionning.

tl;dr : Timers! Menu options and keybinds! MAP EDITOR?!


Thanks for the amazing feedback!

1 - Will be in the next update. There will be 2 play buttons in the menu - Play(Level Select) and Speedrun which will start at the first bounce/bump on the first level and each time you hit the end trigger of the level the timer will stop, load the next level, and start back up.

2 - Restart button will most likely be R by default, but I am open to suggestions. The button will restart level for level mode and go back to level 1 for speedrun mode. No promises on keybinds currently, as I am planning on switching to Unity's new input system, but I will look into it.

3 - A next level button for level mode sounds pretty great. I will plan to add that in.

Level Editor - I might make the first 10 levels and then start work on this, we'll see though.

Customization - For sure something I want to add in the future, I do like the idea of completing the level to gain its colors.

I'm glad you mentioned it! It helps me understand what people want out of this game. I do want to keep the game as simple and fun as possible, but still maintain challenge. I might've gone a bit overboard on the wind out of excitement, but for future levels I will try to keep balance in mind. 

Thank you again!

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will ther ever be some way to customize the thing you play as

btw will you make a discord for the game


Both will come sometime in the future. My current focus is gameplay, but after probably 10 total levels I will start on things such as those.

I did have some ideas for customizing the player past colors, such as different bumpers/shapes which do different things, e.g., circle rolls, triangle breaks, but I won't know if they work until I test them. That said, these are future ideas. Though, I am open to ideas and suggestions for the future.


will it be ok if i make a fan made discord

just wanna know


That sounds fine.


I managed to get back to the level after completing it. (Pig)

All you need to do is fall through the floor winning hole and go into the side winning hole

i made a discord server for the game

let me know of any bugs and problems
speedrun mode WR attempts


Also, in Toucan i managed to get back to the level, BUT i clipped through it when it started moving.


This is such great fun, this control scheme is super satisfying and I don't really know why. Brilliantly done! :D

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BUG: Whenever you restart while sliding on ice, you actually preserve a little bit of ice momentum to your next run.

Edit: Fixed in 0.6


h a r d


Level editor would be a blast and bouncy surfaces that make you go faster than regular surfaces would be a good addition.

Love the game btw very relaxing to just go fast and listen to music.

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BUG: Starting time is instant instead of upon hitting water/ground/ice when you restart inside water.

Edit: Fixed in 0.6.2


i dont like how vertical you have to be to start moving in the latest version. it makes it much more difficult to get a fast start to a run.

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Some of my ideas:

  • Character customization
  • A results screen for speedrun mode showing how long each level took
  • Saving your PBs for each level (including speedrun mode)
  • The option for choosing either pre- or post 0.7 physics engine
  • Like/dislike system for custom levels if they come out
  • Epic & my favourite idea: hard mode for levels, making them harder to complete

Edit: By hard mode I mean: same animal, but... changed on the inside

Edit 2: It says: C A S T L E

  • Color character customization will be coming soon. Skins and texture packs maybe later into the future, but we'll see.
  • Results screen times sounds like a good idea.
  • Saving times will come sometime in the future as well.
  • Not sure about physics engine, but whenever I make the level editor, I am thinking about allowing the creator to change the values of the different parts and environment. Though I am still debating on this as it might be too much for the player. 
  • Like/Dislike sounds good, but will come once I work on the backend.
  • Not sure how to make the levels harder without making new levels, but I am open to suggestions.

I do plan on moving future updates of the game to just testers soon, if you are interested in being a tester, consider joining the discord, if you haven't already.


Not really sure on the new movement (I use mouse)

Feels less fluid and satisfying, a bit clunky and unresponsive, what caused the change?

Seems like there has been a delay added to rotation


Do you play the Windows version or the Web version? I tried v0.6.2 and v0.7.1 on Windows with the mouse and saw no difference. Do you think you could send me a video of this, please?

I played on browser on fullscreen and got the same lag issue.

When I play a level with keyboard controls from level select or after finishing a level, the cursor is invisible, but when I press the R button (retry button) once, the cursor reappears.