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Sorry that you also experienced this error.  Hope you still had fun making your game. :)

Thanks for helping demystify :) 

Ah I see. That must be it. A bit of a shame but i'm still so glad i finished my first ever publicly available   game. :) 

Night night

I'm knackered anyhow.  Hopefully someone can explain it  to me or even let me know if i submitted it wrong or something? I don't mind really but it was my first ever jam so i hope   i can engage in the rating section too.

It says I haven't submitted and therefore can't rate... but i did submit. If you go on my page you see it was well within the time limit that it was published. Am i missing something? does it just take a while?

Sorry I didn't get back to you I  had too much going on at this point. I hope you are doing well with your Game. <3

I look forward to hearing from you.

If you send   me a discord name or an email i will see what i can do for you. :)

I think I'll be able to fit  you in if i keep up my current workflow. Request sent.

Request sent. I look forward to hearing from you

Really good and well polished. 4.5/5 Nosferatu  faces. Could benefit from a few more jump scares for failures      (since you will at some point fail).   Overall a near perfect spin on the classic manic  arcade. Hope you are proud of this brilliantly fun, funny and spooky masterpiece.

Wonderful :). I'll add you right away. I look forward to jamming with you.

I just wanted to tell you how much i loved this and how i was so happy it was a bird at the end. Very chill and interesting mechanics. Would love to see a pogostuck  style gambit to play through.

You were looking for a music composer?

Hey i'm not looking for a composer but I just wanted to compliment   your example track. It was a lot of fun. :)

Composer Here.  See my community post for details. :)

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~Hi I'm Rose. 

I've been writing music for 12 years  now. I have a degree in music from the University of   Huddersfield . Here are my terms

  • If you want some short loops of music to use in your game give  me a message before  or during the Jam. 
  • Please wait until the Jam begins before expecting your track. [I'm no cheater.]  
  •  I can compose around various themes but be realistic. I won't be able to make you an 8hr opera in the style of  Schoenberg.
  • Think about what you want from your BG or Title music and send me a briefing. I'll get it done no problem. 
  • If you have a working prototype for your game   send it my way and i'll  fit the feel of the game as best I can.
  • Provide a form of contact. E-mail or Discord preferred.
  • If I make a track for you maybe you can give my submission a play? (No obligation)

I'm also making my own game during this Jam which will be my priority. I just want to help out some of those people whom it would take too much time to make a track  because it doesn't take me much time to lay down something simple. Good luck in the jam.

Edit: Sorry to anybody i didn't manage to get to. I've been working hard with a lot of peoples music. Ir has been a lovely (and hectic) experience.  Wishing you all well with submitting your games. i look forward to playing them all.