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Speed-run Times Sticky

A topic by Nasheik created Jul 24, 2020 Views: 6,172 Replies: 206
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Post your speed-run times here.



I love this game so much !!

i win



I'm starting a page for this game if ya'll want to put your times there


me too

Oh heck yes, I would love to put my runs there!

cool! will mouse and keyboard be the same category

can you paste a link here?



finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary


Hah, nice run kid. I bet you'll beat me soon :)


i did


No screenshot, but 43s yay

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your next

but first i need to eat my pizza


i got 46.94



I was expecting this post to pop up sooner or later.







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Keep in mind, will require video for submission on


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Edit: welp I give up for now, got a couple 37s in an hour or so but I couldn't get any closer, although I was much faster than the 35 on most screens so I'm betting this definitely goes under 30 seconds in the future
Edit2: oh and cursor is probably much better for regularity in the long run, can't be bothered to switch myself tho, keys are fun I guess?

For the edit, how I felt, keys are fun, but probably mouse at high levels will grant faster times

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Here is my time, pretty easy game to get into speedrunning


That screen 3 was sooo clean! Skipping the first hole with screen 2 momentum and doing that one bounce has to be ideal strat fo sho

do yall want to see a live stream

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i need to record more runs

Well I mean yea WR, but this thread has been on for 24hours and it's the 10th WR break so don't get too excited over it yet haha, nt though!
Do record/stream it if you want! Especially if you want to really claim the WR! Btw did that page get created in the end or?

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not yet

they did say that it might take a week or 2

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Keep on getting excited! Kid got passion :)


Does anyone have an optimal screen six route? The part down in the bottom right corner is a real pain for me


not WR but im very happy about finally getting sub 40, i have some interesting route ideas so hopefully i can figure out how to record with a playable framerate to show them off

good job

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side note I also think keyboard controls are optimal as of now. If we figure out some super speedy routing that requires quick flicks then cursor controls will be the way to go but as of now i find that its harder to be precise and transition and it is reliant on where you're located on the screen

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i think they both have ther ups and downs

like keyboard is consistent but not as fast as mouse

mouse is faster and more precise but more inconsistent   

my point is use what ever you like (:

i think i if u increase teh rotate speed enough it should be o

Latest time as of right now, hope you enjoy


The ending is truly a run killer, besides that, hope you enjoy


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Woah, sick


Yay: My first sub 50.

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We have a new challenger


Hi guys,

Thanks to some extremely lucky bounces I managed to get a 30.01978.

Not sure if I will ever be able to top this run but sub 30 is for sure possible.

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so it begins the quest for sub 30

Excuse me, what the heck lol, this is so good

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Very nice times everyone! And sick run Panurb!

Only parts (that I can see) that can be improved in a major way were screen 3 where you had to slowly ascend, and the second half of screen 6 where you took a very slow bounce against your momentum and again had to take a slow ascent up to the finish. I'm seriously wondering if sub-25 is possible now..

The rest just seems like optimal routes all the way, minor time or speed improvements possible but that was already really impressive! Haven't had much time to play myself but I watching everyone's videos here makes me impatient to try again.

ye he good



I agree that screen 3 was a bit slow, you can definitely shave off a second there.

As for screen 6, I'm still not sure what the optimal path is. I have to take the end pretty slowly to reliable do it. I got lucky with the huge bounce at the beginning, usually I have to take a way slower path.

Even with these optimizations, sub 25 seems a bit out of reach. I think that would require some major new strats.

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Oh sure let's get into strats a bit then! I lowkey wanted to keep those to myself until I got a run done with them but I don't have quite enough time to manage that for now so I'll share!!  I'll try to get videos of it soon-ish but you'll have to take my word for it in the meantime.

Screen 3: There are 2 ways to fly through, the fastest is to get a bounce off the first or second pillars and fly right over the obstacle wall, you need perfect momentum from screen 2 however to line up a high bounce. Edit: First pillar is probably faster but is much harder (only got it once VS a dozen for second pillar).
The second way I've found is to "flat-bounce" off the second pillar and then get a bounce off the third pillar, straight towards the exit of screen 3 (Edit: see Airvent's bounce here:  )

One thing to keep in mind is both those strats tend to give you either an odd path or tons of speed into screen 4 and it gets very hard to slow down and line up for the shortcut, that's the main drawback, but if executed well, I think this'd save over 2.5 maybe 3 seconds compared to your execution.

I'm still trying stuff out on screen 6 but what you could've done instead of a "counter momentum" bounce (which is undeniably slow) would've possibly been a bounce into the wall on the right then bounce back with much more momentum, or even doing so with a "flat" on the floor into wall bounce. As for a set up into the final corridor, you did it pretty well but I've had a handful of instances of winging it that went faster, can't seem to get it reliably but there is time there too.

Of course, those strats all give you speed, which makes execution tighter and obviously more difficult. That'll probably take a while with the semi-random/chaotic nature of movement in the game, , but I think we're definitely in the ballpark of 5 seconds shaved overall.

Again, your run was absolutely great, no denying that, but that's what I can see being improved.

Oh and suddenly I'm thinking about a TAS run, that shit would fly under 20 seconds for sure LOL



Wow I bet that just in a few days someone will finish in 10 seconds lol! This is amazing how fast people reach new world records...

i dont think 10 seconds is possible

Maybe with crazy momentum bounces

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Alright, spent a little bit of time cooking up a quick video of strats for screen 3 (which I had mentionned in a reply to Panurb.)

And also got a PB while trying to replicate the strats I mentionned, so here's my hilariously downhill run


Can't wait for someone to get a perfect run so I can see how much time loss my screens 5+6 were..

Damn, that is fast. I think I did manage to go over the top once by accident. That is for sure the optimal strategy.

That is a nice PB, I think you were on pace for a 27 at least. The bottom right corner is tough to get right. If you're even a little off you go bouncing all over the place.

Yay, new levels! I did some quick tries at both of these.

Toucan - 20.04004

This one I'm quite happy with. The first room is possible to do with a single bounce but I found it more consistent to do it this way.

Pig - 33.47998

This one is just impossible to do consistently. Even the first room is a nightmare. It is also possible to go over the right side there which might be faster but I only managed to do that once. I almost had an amazing run but screwed it up at the very end and pretty much rage quit at that point.

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now we can do full game speed-runs

im gonna do some full game speed-runs i think we shud use live split for dose

or get a calculator and add all the times together

tell me which one you think

i think live split

Live split would be easier I think. Adding level times together is too much of a hassle. We just need to decide when a level is considered "completed". When the camera starts zooming out? Or when it's fully zoomed out?

i think zoomed out

Developer (1 edit)

I don't know too much about speed-runs. If I make a speed-run mode, what would you guys like to see in it?


Oh speed-run mode sounds cool!

Maybe a button that can restart the level instead of opening the menu every time, if you play with the keyboard it might get annoying to use the mouse too. And also maybe teleport to the next level immediately after one is completed? Idk I don't do a lot of speed-running.


a timer that counts all levels maby that one can be a (full game) speed-run mode

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Hello, I'm back.


what the hell

Nice job man! No idea how you manage that with a keyboard.


I managed to get a PB in Snake. Looks like I'm about 2 frames behind the world record.... Tough competition.

Wow, close! :)


New toucan record?

now u just need to record it. good luck

Pig - 15.66003

Finally got a run I was happy with. I don't see much room for optimization in the route. Some time can be saved by better execution, especially in the bottom left corner.

sub 15 possible, I screwed up the last two screens, but WR as far as i know?

I beat you

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I think I have the record for the second level 

Nice work with the 0.17 shave, I'll try and get 16.49 just to spite you !

not if I get it first!! lol

Beating my WR? toucan play at that game (sorry for making you read that)

ok now I have to beat you

tip you should record it so if there is ever a speed page for this game you can post it without having to get that time again because they require video proof

boom WR

WR of recorded clips

Snake PB  - 39.74

is it wr? no. am i proud of it? yes.


Wondering if this could be optimal if done better

you dont get the same horizontal momentum but it is quicker

new WR for Toucan 

sub 50 ! yea ^^


Oh my goodness, I just got my first WR in any game! 
13.06 in Toucan!

Quite good for my first day of running

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Not so fast, JoshingWithYa! (Time: 12.47998)

Edit 1 (the previous edits were uploading the image): Waiting for someone to post a new Toucan time.

Edit 2: Got a new time. Sub 12!

Edit 3: Sub 11. Hope Sub 10 is possible.


Duuuude, uku1928, how the heck did you get sub 13? Sub 11??! You're amazing, haha!

Here's the route I normally take. Haven't been able to get less than my previous personal best. Any tips?


I haven't done this trick myself, so I don't know if it would work, but that last lift from the screen is probably losing you some seconds.

I reckon if you use the fan to lift yourself high enough, you could bounce off the right ceiling of the second-last screen to gain faster momentum downwards for that last screen, if that makes sense?

I've gotten slightly faster without using this, and the only other difference I've used to your video is using four bounces on the first screen to gain better momentum for the future, but i think the first trick would help better.

(2 edits)

I tried start off by doing the first bounce as angled to the east as possible. This allows me to get more height off the 1st wind current, but it doesn't always work. To get more consistency, I do a "side bounce" (bouncing off the non-bouncy side) before the first actual bounce to get smaller upwards momentum off the first bounce.

Getting more height allows me to bounce off the ceiling for more speed, but I don't wanna go "out of control" which is why I get less height at the 2nd wind current because bouncing off the ceiling off in the east 2nd room is not my speedrun strategy.

3rd and 4th rooms seem to be the same, but at the 5th room, I do the "goodnameshavej" trick.

(1 edit)

Now that I think about routing, I wonder if is it possible to utilize the room above the 5th room that we go through?

Edit: updated images to match the gameplay better (and made 4th image feel speedier).

I almost go sub 10 but messed up the second to last frame

Gotta get the sub 30 soon.


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Why not a newer version Toucan speedrun?

you should start recording your runs

new PB 

All level speedrun.

WR Snake!!! I know what my speedrun song is now lol

nice very epic

PB Rhino time so far 27.97168s very fun new mapImage

first time trying speedrun mode!

im back
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speed-run 283.4353

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200.9375s speedrun gunning for 150

i made a discord server for the game

let me know of any bugs and problems

there is a leaderboard but i am NOT going back to find all the times people made if you want your times on the leaderboard submit them on the server

(1 edit)

The invite seems to be expired, if you want to make it permanent click "Edit invite link" and there should be a menu with drop-down boxes, in that you can select "Never" and "No limit"

An elephant speedrun because why not?

Thought i'd post my full speedrun time here, 1st day trying it so let's go lower!

Speedrun 318.9765(s)


Sub ten on Toucan! Proud to achieve this.

Strategy: Pretty much the same strategy as my reply to post 49. One major difference is the 5th room.

Instead of bouncing upwards turning cw and using wind to keep myself from going too much east, I bounce a little bit to the left and turn ccw. This allows me to get more west momentum to stop my east momentum and it just seems faster this way.

Now that narrowed the time down by a LOT. (previous speedrun was ~30.4s)

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Sub 3 minute speedrun! Rhino was painfully slow but I made up for it in the last three levels.



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Speedrun 163.7148s

I wish we could tas this game and see the perfect run of it. I think sub 120s is possible  but idk about humanly

14s pig run

speedrun full game pb

My current Rhino PB.

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Snake in 25.3 seconds wr

new level seems fun

I wish I could slide this fast...

Elephant in 20.07373

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Took a lot of tries but I finally got sub 10. Credit to Uku without his sub 10 run I wouldn't have even thought it was possible lol

Glad to see everyone improving their times.


Quite proud of this one \o/

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135% of a second ahead of you!


wow! You are god in this realm! 👁️

Water level speedruns! Yay!

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Got sub 30

Edit: improved fish PB



New WR on snake still fighting for the perfect time. Still guessing 22ish



Sub 20



final a good time

Neat record



I got a 177s on Snake. Well, looks like I'm not speedrunning this game.

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I know it's not the world record, but It's one of my first times doing the speedrun mode.


 Edit: got a ~minute long timesave

Edit 2 

The smoothness, Physics and Music took me the best speed time of 31 minutes. ❤️ Haha 👁️

Why does the audio I hear from the video different than on the website game...

Other than that, You're lucky to get an impressive Pig as how slow Snake and Toucan went.

Haha! Thanks uku1928. This was the original version submitted in gmtk gamejam2020. May it has got some changes since then. Or is something else the issue with audio? 👁️

I recognize the version you're playing as 0.3. Every update adds 1-2 new levels besides the post-game jam update.

Version 0.3 has 3 levels.

yes. Exactly.

Here you go. Enjoy All 10 together.

Duck WR 22.72 (V0.7+)

If you scroll up a little bit you will see a 22.4 second run for Duck. However, that run was performed before V0.7, back when the timer started on the first bounce. In 0.7, the timer begins on level start, adding over a second to the run. Unfortunately NVIDIA control panel failed to record the run properly. For some reason it caught almost none of the actual game but did record my mouse moving around. If you want to see it lmk and I will upload it to youtube to share it here.

(3 edits) (+1)

The Toucan speedrunner is back with a nasty trick!

I switched to mouse for more control over the stick. I angled my first 2 bounces as low as possible.

The nasty trick is: Upon doing the second bounce, I pause buffer so I can angle the stick upwards to get another bounce. That's an exploit I found.

Pause buffering again allows me to take the full vertical effect of the wind.

 *pause*  *pause*  

Other pauses were for control.

I also managed to get this route:

now we need to separate pause% and pause less%

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You asked for it! 


Im thinking of making tas runs using macros soon...

That would be really interesting! Please do

Had alot of personal bests I've never bothered to upload so here's a surplus of runs lol

Sub 20 rhino

So whats the current world record for the speed-run through all 10 levels?

What happened to the plans?

they just wont accept the game

Well that’s just sad

Full game speed run!

Fastest times in Cleaning The System! Obviously not glitchless/ pauseless though 
(1 edit) (+1)

Very happy to have achieved toucans next milestone of sub 9! I used Uku's tactic of double bouncing at the beginning  except I didn't pause.  I would say sub 8 is impossible but honestly I thought this was impossible when sub 10 was hit.


All 10 stages under 11 minutes.

Finally got sub 19!

All levels in 650 seconds.

After a long time of being absent, I am back with a full speedrun with keyboard!

I'm coming for you guys. slowly getting there :D   This is the first game I've ever tried speedrunning and uploading my progress!

OK so... the new record is 19sec I think I'll just stick to playing casual sandbox games..




190.7559s Glitched speedrun, my first sub 200 :D

Nowhere near the record but I finally got sub 30 on Snake and I'm pleased

Less than 0.01 off 27...


Tried speedrunning dragon...


Got a better time.


Sub 50 is the charm

I still dont get how the heck you do that with keyboard. Wp dude!


Aight there we go! 


Got more sensitivity.

Sub 45 next?

Sadly no, but I think sub 46.

Called it.

Okay, this is INSANE even for me!

(1 edit) (+1)

Beat my PB by 3 seconds

Finally got a run under 400, and completely smashed that lol

Just want to share this sub-1 minute run.

A massive improvement.

Full game world record :D

The page is up!

Join the Discord for more info and discussion:

I may be wrong but I think we are approaching the end of Toucan improvements.

I should probably say that the game now has a page