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Well that’s just sad

What happened to the plans?

No screenshot, but 43s yay

Just got 64.78 second run!

Wow, this one craves for a speedrun timer ^^.

Seriously, this has so much potential, I would buy a full game of this instantly.

Hey, this is fun! You could add some coyote time though.

Thanks you for playing! 

To win, you have to perform one simple action at the start of the game, like the movie quote suggests. Do not press any other direction. 

Now this is creative. It is quite complicated to explain though, maybe (if you had more time) you could implement the tutorial in the game where it gradually takes vision away from you until you just have the pixel left. Nice Work!

Only one song :) At least you have music unlike me.. Nice, very short, you jump is buggy. Next time you should try to create more levels to explore your mechanics more.

You have to make you project public, it is at the bottom of your 'Edit Game' page. Then reload the submit page :)