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No problem, thanks for the game :P

I have a question, do you have any interest in continuing to work on this game or would you rather go on to other projects, game jams etc. ?

Btw my highscore is 220

I really like this game and the concept, I think the skill ceiling is pretty high and it's overall very fun and well-made

I think the concept could be taken further and if it would, the game would be really fun to master

The only complaint for the jam version I have is the mech falling too fast which stops you from doing some fun things

E.g. when your bullets are blocked by the corner of a platform, you could jump and switch to the mech in the air to hit the enemy but it works only rarely because the mech falls so quickly

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After completing the game 12 times before the update, this is my second run after the update

Yeah it's a nice challange although the not falling off part is a little random

I have discovered the challange before tho (Might be even the first one, should have probably commented it)

I'm not happy.

This game is great

I only have 1 complaint so far:

Why would you make unpowered buildings so punishing?

"Haha, you clicked too fast and didn't notice that you placed an unpowered building so now you need to place another 5 buildings just to stop this one"

Not noticing that you placed a building in the wrong space shouldn't be punished 

The need of enemy blocks to be destroyed to finish the level is likely not a property of the enemy block but rather a property of the level.

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This is amazing!

Please make more levels!

Edit: Omg #1 Place YES!

Level Editor that lets you put enemies and the deck the player will have (You will probably need to unlock it)

Totally agree with everything.

How I understand, Blight is supposed to be a timer-like feature. You can't be too long in the room because it will be filled up with Blights. But there is the money losing already which is very important for further floors 

I think you should highly reduce the amount of enemies with blight 

Also I think it should tell you more when you try to make a turn, like an arrow to where a dodging enemy would go if you attack it and arrows on where the blight sacks of the blight matron will go

Besides that I really like your game and already follow it on steam

Although in the current state it doesnt really fit as a full game because of the big chance to die and small dungeon I really hope that you will release it as a full game

My suggestion on making it more fitting to a full game is make the dungeon bigger and randomly generated, highly increase the health amount and place the shops only after 2 or 3 floors

If you plan to make it a full game then you probably need to get rid of the "pay or dead system" because that's making the game an arcade game and arcade games rarely are full games

I would make it a "pay to progress" or "pay now for reward" system

Very good idea but very small game, I would love if you would make it a real game and maybe even get it on steam for 5$

Ok thanks!

No problem

I should have thought that you probably didn't have the time for the jam

How do you think of finishing the game?

Design: 1 - This is interesting but there is no progression - no actual results from the letters - and no clock to see how much time you spent

Adherence: 3 - I would give a 5 but the game is too small

Originality: 3 -  I would give a 4-5 but the game is too small

Next time, spend more time for the  game.

I am very sad that the game is not finished because I like the idea. Please finish it!

A Scratch game would be most likely rated very badly but I think you will need to have the offline editor and export an offline editor file

Ok then

Level with big house and TNT:

I jumped of the map (left) and nothing was happening