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A quick question

A topic by MulfoK created Jul 19, 2020 Views: 62 Replies: 1
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I'm really ready to purchase this extension, but I have a couple questions that would be nice if I had answered. 

  • When you say all platforms supported, do you really mean all of them? Like consoles too? 
  • Can file_ini exceed the 64KB data limit?

Thanks in advance :)


I have answered this on Discord, but will also post here for anyone's future reference:

  1. The extension does indeed work on all platforms - since it doesn't do anything unordinary as far as file access goes, it is implemented entirely in GML using buffers and data structures.
  2. The extension has no hard limit on size - for example, Nuclear Throne translations tend to be just a little over 64KB. Processing time scales linearly with file size.