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Skullstone - Dungeon crawler RPG

A topic by FrozenShade created May 24, 2017 Views: 477 Replies: 2
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Skullstone is a dark dungeon crawler game inspired by such classic titles as Dungeon Master and Stonekeep.  Lead your four-character party through unexplored underground dungeon  full of monsters and mysterious corridors. Solve numerous puzzles, find  artifacts and powerful weapons.

After  a small mining town in the heart of Lisenian woods endured a series of  most unusual events, including an earthquake never before observed in  the region, dangerous creatures started appearing. Attacks on locals and  travelers quickly became a constant threat. Hunters discovered a  passage in the mouth of a mysterious rock formation know as Skullstone.  Long and dark corridor leading down below, and tracks suggest it's the  monsters' lair. The elders agreed to send messengers calling for  mercenaries brave enough to explore what lies below Skullstone and to  put an end to dangerous intrusions.

The player picks four out of  twenty pre-made characters. Each of them with unique set of skills and  abilities along with advantages and disadvantages. The party of  mercenaries then descents into the underground to explore abandoned  mines, dark dungeons, ancient temples and other mysterious environments.

Variety  of monsters await. From simple spiders and giant rats, through ghouls  and golems to beasts so unique you’ve never seen them in any other game.  Each and every creature uses not only attacks typical for its kind but  also have access to a set of skills enabling them to harm you with  various curses and area of effects attacks.


Exploration  combined with survival is among main gameplay elements. The dungeon is  filled with secret rooms, switches, various puzzles and riddles, notes,  and ancient books (filled with tips and helpful information). Finding a  powerful weapon, piece of armor or an artifact (to use in fight or a  quest) will not be uncommon as well. And you have to find food to fight  growing hunger and which might be used in formulas to create potions.

During  short brakes from discovering secrets of the underground world, players  will visit the town above the dungeon to resupply, revive unconscious  members, talk to important NPCs, and, most importantly, receive quests.  Apart from you main mission a number of side-quests will be available as  well.




Nice work.  Visuals are very nice.

It is very much like Grimrock. Some of the puzzles look distinctively similar to Grimrock.

Love dungeon crawlers! Will check it out.


Yes, it is hard to make fpp, grid based fantasy game settlet in dungeon and avoid comparison to Grimrock.

We are doing our best to achieve decent graphics, the gameplay and combat will be much more complex than in Grimrock. I'm sure you'll have fun with Skullstone ;)