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Are you pulling my leg or are you genuinely having one of your … departures? · By Aleks Samoylov

I'm slowly losing it

A topic by Lauraccident created Jul 03, 2020 Views: 702 Replies: 18
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Hey buds. Pals. Friends. I have no idea how itch works but I'm leaving this here in case somebody wanna help. I really love this game, but I'm trying to solve the puzzle and I think I'm going insane ? I've been reading up on gematria for hours now, my kids are hungry and my crops are dying, and I don't even know if I'm on the right track. Was anyone able to solve it ??


You're on the right track, I'm pretty sure :)

Thanks ! Any clue for the "last step" of the puzzle ? Aka I know what the symbols mean (unglamorous secret thing, very clever btw) but I'm not sure what to do next !


Hmm, if you've already found all the phrases, did the gematria, and correlated them to their elements in the correct order, you may want to focus on the numeral symbols. How many numeral symbols can you identify? 

wait which phrases


The refrigerator in the first room should have clues on where to find them. 


I will be the first to admit that this puzzle has a lot of convoluted steps :)

I'm going back in after a few months ! Can you give some hints for the light and earth phrases ?


Welcome back! So, the hints for the light and earth phases are, if I'm not mistaken (I am using an old design document for reference instead of the actual game, cause it's faster) are as follows:

Light -
You cried for help, it came out wrong, 
In the dark, your light grew strong.

Earth - 
The Triplets heave the baffled sphere, Approach with care, Take heed, Take heed, 
They will not grant you wishes, dear, But may yet give you what you need.
(It is dark here, empty - something wanders in that emptiness, something that frightens me. Be careful)

The earth one is actually pretty literal, even if it sounds a bit cryptic. Find three triplets holding a sphere in a dark, empty place. The phrase is nearby.

The light one might require a bit more interpretation. The couplet is essentially a set of step by step instructions for how to find it.

1. You called for help. 
2. It came out wrong.
3. In the dark, your light grew strong. 

The first two steps lead you to the general location. The last step tells you what to do once you get there. 
As always, thank you for playing! Let me know if that helps. If not, I'd be happy to provide more hints. 

Thanks for your help, I was actually able to find the phrases in the meanwhile ! So if I'm not mistaken, the next steps would be to make the gematria for each phrases/convert them to base 6, then assign the element to each symbol (the symbols on the fridge giving the right order for the last puzzle) ?


Yep! I think you've got it!