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No problem, I'm glad I could finally solve the damn thing ! I loved the ending too

So the light phrase wouldn't be "where it happened, you were not" ?

Sorry for asking so many questions, I feel like I'm so close yet it's not working ! 

Right now my combination would be :

1/4/2/3 ; 1/2/5/0 ; 0/5/1/5

2/0/2/3 ; 0/5/2/4 ; 1/4/0/4

The symbol for number 5 being the last one (the circle with 6 strands). Am I close or completely wrong ?

Thanks for your help, I was actually able to find the phrases in the meanwhile ! So if I'm not mistaken, the next steps would be to make the gematria for each phrases/convert them to base 6, then assign the element to each symbol (the symbols on the fridge giving the right order for the last puzzle) ?

I'm going back in after a few months ! Can you give some hints for the light and earth phrases ?

wait which phrases

Thanks ! Any clue for the "last step" of the puzzle ? Aka I know what the symbols mean (unglamorous secret thing, very clever btw) but I'm not sure what to do next !

Hey buds. Pals. Friends. I have no idea how itch works but I'm leaving this here in case somebody wanna help. I really love this game, but I'm trying to solve the puzzle and I think I'm going insane ? I've been reading up on gematria for hours now, my kids are hungry and my crops are dying, and I don't even know if I'm on the right track. Was anyone able to solve it ??